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Show Your Pets

Definitely fluffy

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My dog and his favorite thing. You wouldn't know he was on his way to being 10 yrs old.

Hilarious...my wife had a Boarder Collie that loved to do the exact same thing...
Ferrets are very often misunderstood, to start with they are domestic animals & do not survive in the wild.
In other words they need humans to care for them, they have no homing instinct or the ability to seek water, they normally die from dehydration if left in the wild.
Ferrets are the third most popular pet kept in America!

The main down side of keeping them as pets is finding someone to look after them if you want to go on holiday!

If you look at the opening post on page one of this thread you can see how affectionate they can be, if you take the time to understand their needs.
However ferrets are very demanding during the 4 hour a day they are awake, they love to play with any creature including dogs, cats or humans (another reason they don't survive in the wild) & when I say play I mean really play... they are crazy creatures alright LOL...
All ours have been neutered but, no vet will remove their glands unless it is for the ferrets own health, they have a musty smell if left for a long time without changing their bedding but ours get fresh sheets to sleep in every few days and don't smell.
Like any pet, you need to think hard before you commit but ferrets are one pet you will never forget looking after as long as you live.
Poppet sleeps under our bed in a cardboard box at night but she does move location every few weeks, sometimes its a cupboard draw or under an armchair.
In the day she goes into her outdoor home in the garden but is always awake at 4.30 to come back inside for her tea.
We have a three story house & she loves to run up the stairs to the top & then back down again ... no idea why as the others never did!

What a fantastic bit of film. Maybe when my daughter is old enough we'll get a ferret instead of a rat.
Hi Lindy, ferrets are amazing creatures but you really need to visit a rescue centre & handle a few before you commit to a 'carpet shark'!
If they suit you then you are in for a treat but they are not an easy pet, baby ferrets in particular are very boisterous but at around two years old they sort of slow down....a bit LOL
In lots of ways ferrets are fantastic older children's pets, if you have 9 ish years olds then that would be good but for younger kids ferrets might be a bit to playful!
They are not like cats or dogs, they don't come when called but learn tricks very willingly & are in fact very capable of problem solving, they are naturally toilet trained & will poo in a tray !!
They open draws, clime into washing machines, drink from fish tanks, sleep in you bed 'uninvited' & steal anything that takes their fancy!
They just thrive on human company & will demand attention.... however they love cuddles when sleepy & will lick you all over in the most endearing way..
This one is called Carlos, he is one of 13 presently looking for a home at our locale rescues centre, not only is he beautiful but very lovable & licky .. poor chap was found in the wild on deaths door, probably kept in a box & fed on bread and milk by someone :( hopefully he will find some love very soon....

Thanks for that and will wait until eva is old enough. Colin dunlop of thefishhut introduced me to his ferrets and had young 'pups'? 'kittens'? I don't know what you call them but mum was lovely and not at all freaked by him handling her babies.