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quick riccia question


30 Aug 2008

i've put a few "mats" of riccia together and they look great
but i was just wondering....

will the riccia grow out of these netted mats
and come loose to the surface

i want more to plant in more mats so if i dont trim
will i be able to propagate it by letting it grow out


I used the netting from one of those scrunchy things women use in the shower, and my Riccia stayed put. If your netting is as fine as what I used, you should be OK.

Dave Spencer said:
I used the netting from one of those scrunchy things women use in the shower,

go on, i'll bet you use it too! :lol:

thats what i used and its worked a treat
i just want lots more!


hi all

just thinking........
has anyone ever tried 100% riccia as a carpet

i've buckets of it on mats and it looks great

one thing in my mind is build-up of crap under it
but having said that i could just lift the "tiles"
and vac under them during w/cs


I'm sure people have used a complete carpet of it before, not that I can bring to mind a specific scape. The trouble with riccia long term is that it needs lots of maintenance to retie it when its grown out of the original netting. If you're happy to do that every few weeks, go for it I say, the pearling you get from riccia is like nothing else. A carpet of that would look amazing 🙂

hi sam

i have done it on flat stiff mesh pieces 4" square
and covered over it a light pliable mesh,
so its not "roundy shaped" as it would be on stones

I have carpet tiles so to speak!

they were growing like crazy so last night I looked at trimming one
but i was able to just pluck loads of the new growth out
leaving me with a neater mat and a ton of new riccia floating

I dont see myself ever actually having to trim it as such

heres a snap of my riccia "tiles", a full one and just planted




Here is my tank many moons ago with a riccia carpet, I used dward riccia which is smaller.


The problem with riccia is, if you let it get too thick then the part that doesn't get any light will just melt away and then the top comes loose from the base. Best way it to keep it trimmed all the time, but eventually you will have to do it all over again.

I had to create my carpet once every 4-6 weeks, then it took 2 weeks to fill in again. Messy job.
cheers LD

i will have a think about it,

the "mat" i plucked last night had healthy growth underneath
albeit a bit darker than the top coat

it literally took me about 10 seconds to do this plucking thing on a 4" square
which is a fraction of the time i used to take to trim my cuba,
then the plucked bit immediately float and bunch up where i netted them with ease
I used to have cuba trimmings all over the place, stuck to plants, clogging the intake
the whole shooting match

i can see the downfalls of the riccia but if my maintenace last night
is anything to go by, it would be a doddle compared to hc

might try it in my 2' as see what happens