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Kyle Lambert

15 Aug 2013
So i started a tank 6 weeks ago. Its a 60l which is a little overstocked but i keep up with my water changes regularly and everything seems to be going well so far with an oversized HOB filter (not my ideal filter but it suits my needs and available space). I have 3 cherry shrimps, 4 assasin snails, 10 neons, 3 corydoras and 3 otocinclus. There are also various pest snails that managed to sneak in and the assasins seem to be doing their job. I also got a blue rilli shrimp that managed to stowaway on the amazon swords i bought.

I already bought some plants and have planted. However i am not too sure how well i am doing with the plants progress. I have already decided i will need a second light source as my 11w unit isnt cutting it. I am using a mix of flourite sand and ADA amazonia as a 2-3 inch substrate.

Currently i have a crypt species, DHG, cabomba (i think carolina) a bit of bogwood with java moss on it and 3 plants that were not identified (i shall post some pics soon) in store but i liked the look of (i should have thought that part out a bit more). Are the species i currently have identified easy plants to grow? im looking to carpet the DHG as it was a DHG carpet that pulled me back to the hobby and ive got some runners and individual blades of grass popping up in the bed. Will a DHG carpet be easy to grow and maintain?

I would like to rescape the plants slightly too. I dont have another tank i can transfer the fish to but i am planning to do the scape in half an hour as i know EXACTLY where i want to put them. Would i be able to leave the fish in the tank or would the substrate become too disturbed. If i put them in a 10 litre bucket with the heater and a sponge filter would they be ok for that duration of time?

I would like to put a pair of apistogramma panduros in the tank too as a feature fish. How much over my stocking level would this put me if i did. Also how difficult would these fish be to keep? ive only ever seen these fish once and that was very recently at Kesgrave Tropicals and i instantly fell in love, i was originally going to get a pair of GBRs but figured the panduros would be smaller and easier to maintain.

I do have a ista C02 system hooked up (its a disposable can...) and i cant see much around about how to use them. Can i fill up the co2 diffuser and let that do the job or does it actually have to release a bubble for the co2 to work effectively?

cheers guys.
It would be better to remove the fish to as large an aerated bucket as you can find.

You should perform large and frequent water changes and that will help you to maintain any stocking level.

You should also invest in a more robust CO2 system using fire extinguisher and twin stage regulator. Check the Tutorials section for a FE primer.