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"Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

Pre TGM update.

I added extra KNO3 to my TPN+ and has delivered instant results within two days.

The both the HC and stem plants are showing bright green growth and HC has had a bit of a growth spurt.

I'm planning to trim the HC on my return from the TGM visit.

A few photos...



I've been away for the weekend so was pleased to come back to everything being ok.

My dosing regime (apart from this weekend) is stable now as I'm remembering to do it and do it before I goto work each day.

I'm getting a bit of brown algae so that needs to be cleaned up. There's loads of ramshorn snails so thinking of adding an assassin snail to reduce the problem, I'm picking out the ones I can.

I'm going to trim the HC tomorrow as it's really shot upwards rather than outwards but it's getting better.

Here's a few photos...



I love it, great work! makes me wish I'd got a seal for my eheim so I can plant up my optiwhite!
I've just finished a 2.5 hour trim! I was hoping to do both tanks, but got caught up on a proper prune.
I've really worked on starting the bush effect for the HM and planted it very densely after consulting Garuf.
I had to replant some of the hairgrass as when I pulled up some it pulled up loads!
I've harshly trimmed the HC hoping that it'll fully carpet this time.
I'm starting to think that my next scape in this tank will be a grass only setup as it's the only plant that is really taking off for me. Although the others grow they need a bit of a trim.

I wish my larger tank would be a easy to look after as this one! I just seem to be battling algae issues in that one, but on this small scale I seem to have things in order.
Hc and hairgrass like to be left alone to do their thing in my experience. Just keep your co2 good and high and leave her be for a month or so, BAM! Nice carpet.
Garuf said:
Hc and hairgrass like to be left alone to do their thing in my experience. Just keep your co2 good and high and leave her be for a month or so, BAM! Nice carpet.
Cool, I'm planning on leaving it alone now for a month or so as I'm away on holiday.
Photos update later tonight, I even cleaned the glass!

I'm adding 2ml of TPN+ per day and now 0.3ml of Easy Carbo.
The TPN+ has 10g extra KNO3 per 30ml of solution.

A few quick photos, I'm thinking of not adding a few photos for a while so there's an instant impact rather than a gradual change. We'll see, I like sharing what I'm upto!

First a full tank shot, looks like there's not much HC but there's more than what you can see.

Showing my HC and Ludwigia prune...

I seem to like this angle...
Bad news this morning..

Last night I did a 50% water change as usual without stepping out from what I normally did and found one of my CRS dead and the other stuck to the filter intake. The one from the intake managed to get off once I switched the filter off but did look a bit limp. I'm half expecting to return home to find him dead too. :(

I'm thinking of ditching trying to get CRS to survive in the tank, as I've now had 5 die on me in there and thinking of either turning to CRS (cherries) and maybe some nano type fish. I've tried to steer away from fish as I'd think they'd get battered by the flow in the tank.

Any suggestions on stocking would be appreciated as I'm not really up to speed with nano type fish.
Ah, nothing seems to be on your side at the moment mate. :( Keep your chin up, it'll pay off!

I thin ksome type of Microrasbora would suit this tank well, it would probably be able to cope with the heavy flow aswell. Dwarf Neon Green Rasboras seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment.
Today I bit the bullet and got a dennerle co2 nano set. Everything's working fine but it'll take a few days to find the best place to put the diffuser. Currently it's on the right hand side of the tank directly opposite to the filter output and the bubbles seems to get a good distribution, although the flow doesn't carry them around the tank. I'm also trying to turn down the injection rate as I'm seeing if I can produce finer bubbles/mist.
Either way, it's going well. The drop checker is currently on the left back corner, diagonal from the diffuser to see how good the distribution is.

I would put the diffuser under the filter intake if I had the room.
sorry to hear about teh crs clark, ive always wanted some but would prefer to buy them from a shop rather than mail order and no-one around here seems to do them. tank is coming along really well though

Those nano co2 sets look the dogs danglies when theyre installed!
Things have been going great since I installed the Dennerle Nano co2 kit, the HC has taken off and the stems are growing faster than before.

I'm off on holiday for the next few weeks so co2, ferts and light will be reduced. I have someone coming in a few times a week to feed the fish/shrimp and plants and I'm pleased that both of my tanks are stable enough to let someone else look after them. At least the light and co2 for this tank is done on a timer, so they only need to feed the plants and shrimp.

Here's a few quick pre-holiday photos, I'm getting to grips with the settings on my camera (I think).

Front shot showing the great growth...

A few cherry shrimps amongst the HC sharing food

Female cherry shrimp feeding on lunch

I can't thank LondonDragon enough for the quality of shrimp.

Hopefully, when I'm back off holiday, I'll have a nice HC carpet.
Looking great Clark, the photos seem a little dark to me, but then again it could be my monitor, glad you are happy with the shrimp, they go a great job with the algae ;)
Enjoy the holiday ;)
So, I've you've noticed (hope you have!), I've been away for the last two weeks.

As described earlier, I cut down on the ferts, light and co2. Unfortunately, there was a shrimp massacre whilst I was away. No obvious signs as why that happened, only that they were dead. I have about 5 or so remaining and hopefully they'll flourish as they were when I was around. I'm going to do a daily water change for the next week just to be 100% sure things are ok.

The good news is that there was no algae outbreak and the stems (HM & L. Arcuata) grew to the surface and so have trimmed them back short.
I'm really pleased that the HC carpet is coming along nicely and in some spots has carpeted. Once I turn up the wick again, it should be all sorted in next to no time.

Currently, I'm having a clean and a tidy up and the camera is full of holiday snaps, so no photo update as yet.