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New Ehem 2073 Pro 3 - Very Noisy


3 Aug 2012
Hello All,

I am in a bit of a pickle - Purchased this filter to hopefully sort out flow rates on my 60L shrimp tank.

It arrived on Saturday - The flow is good the adjustable nozzle is fine but the noise is very Dissapointing.

I didn't expect a machine to be 100% silent but all the user reviews I read said it was "very quiet"

I have had a look inside removed the flow valve to see if that was rattling it was slightly so I reseated it and now it doesn't rattle.

Have set it up again re primed at the same noise from the motor.

But from the off it has made a constant loud 'filter output power head noise" it sounds like any filter you hear in a tank but 10 times worse.

It sounds like it the motor pumping around - Imprellor seemed fine but like I said its brand new.

Have heard some people say they are quiet ou of the box others said after 1-2 weeks it quite tend down. Starting to regret my purchase tbh.

I sleep next to the tank it's far from ideal.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Best wishes,

Murray :)
I use this exact filter, and I felt the exact same way when I primed it and started it. It now 6 months old and quiet as a mouse being tickled.

Give it time for the motor to bed itself in, this took about 3-4 days on mine.
Hi all,
But from the off it has made a constant loud 'filter output power head noise" it sounds like any filter you hear in a tank but 10 times worse.
It might still have some air in it.
That would be my suggestion as well, turn it off and try rocking it from side to side, once all the air is purged it should be almost silent.

cheers Darrel
Morning Folks,

Thanks very much indeed for the replies!

I am sure it's something I am doing wrong - Probably making mistakes with the priming letting far to much air in!

Will empty the canister tomorrow and start again - It's a nice filter just hope it will be quiet.

Had to use ear plugs last night :D

I am at work but will have a look at it tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Murray, I also have pro 3 series and its silent. When its not its either air trapped inside or I clean impeller and it goes silent. Good luck.
I found with my 2324 that the Chinese made impeller supplied was still rattling after several weeks of 'bedding in'. I switched it for a German made replacement after reading several threads with people having issues with the original impellers and it's been almost silent ever since (until the pipes need cleaning).

If you don't have any luck with other solutions you could try that.
Thanks again everyone will have a look at it tomorrow.

I think it's probably entirely my fault - When priming it I had the outlet pipe in the water so I think it's just full of air bubbles etc.

Will drain it and try again with the outlet out the water see how it goes.

Best wishes,

Mini update:

Filter is still anything but quiet. It's a loud constant hum that doesn't change that much only slightly when running full / half or no flow.

It's a vibrating hum is what I would class it as - A bit like an air pump.

I plan on taking another look at it. Was purchased brand new, don't really see why I should purchase a new impeller etc.

Flow is good - Filter is fine apart from the noise.

Maybe it's my own fault for having a tank in my bedroom. People said it was quiet - Maybe one day lol

I can do a video with accurate sound on Monday.

Currently using earplugs but that makes or hearing alarm clocks tricky :)

Best wishes,

Has it got all the rubber feet on and have you tried putting something under it to see if it makes a difference? I was at a friends yesterday who has one and you didn't even know it was on it was that quiet, so something is wrong here.
I have a pro3 2071 and it is extremely quiet....I appreciate that does not help but it is right next to me and I only hear it when it has a bit of air and that soon passes.