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New Decade, New Decadence...

Wow bro just read through the journal as I knew I would have missed a lot but didn't expect it to be that much haha
As normal always a pleasure to follow and admire your work
Hope the family is all well and you have a great Christmas
Wow bro just read through the journal as I knew I would have missed a lot but didn't expect it to be that much haha
As normal always a pleasure to follow and admire your work
Hope the family is all well and you have a great Christmas

Cheers Jay. This setup is fun, the 1200 size gives a lot of room to play. Glad to hear it’s not a boring read and well done for wading through, not the shortest journal 😂

Merry Christmas to you and yours @Jayefc1 !
Hope you and your family have a good one 😎
Amazing jurnal as always from @Geoffrey Rea hope you all have a great Christmas 🎄 look forward to more from you next year

Merry Christmas to you and yours Dean 🎄

Sorry for the delayed reply. Sat in the dark having a beer in the middle of the night, about to reply to you and had an intruder in the house! 😡

Old fat man, said he was here to judge my kids!!! Well mate, Mr Judgy had a face wash in the 1200. Spirited for an ol’ man, thrashing around as he got water boarded. Quite the struggle. Think he splashed water on one of the RGB’s, hopefully it still works. Find out at lights on I guess.

Wrapped the body in the kids playskool mat and went out to the car. Bloomin’ deer outside! One had a red nose on him! Might have been a comic relief thing 🤷🏻‍♂️ Dunno…

Why they’re out driving for funds at 3am is beyond me. All tied together they were! No one even there to look after them. Would have done the responsible thing and called the RSPCA, but they all scarpered when the playskool mat unravelled, my bad 🤦🏻‍♂️ Hopefully they got home safe.

Bloody intruders and charities, on Christmas morn no less. Have these people no morals! Anyway… sorry for the delayed reply. Merry Christmas bud! Hopefully Santa brought you lots of… oh… 🤭
Getting there. Carpet removal and Tropica TPN+/ADA hybrid dosing is resulting in 3cm growth of stems per week on average. Like it, feels manageable. More to go around without the eleocharis carpet and seems pretty content:


Also… Fish having a munch:




Also got a very cool Christmas present from @Siege and @Delirious


You know your mates know you when they notice what you stare at in the shop when no one is looking. Thank you both, love it 🥰

I had been hinting but that oblong bulky present wasnt a new filter or nano light but a Soup Maker .
Luxury... we used to dream of owing a soup maker. 😃

@Geoffrey Rea the scape looks fantastic, I can't believe how you've turned this tank around in 6 weeks. True testament to your understanding of what goes on in these glass boxes.
Think l had rehearsed any reaction

The problem with this @PARAGUAY is everyone will now be thinking, WOW, really loves that soup maker. They’ll have already planned to get you a bread maker to go with it next year based on your reaction this year 😂

the scape looks fantastic

Cheers @John q feeling quite attached to this scape now. Think the changes were appropriate for the timing too. It’s growing strong, albeit at a slower pace.
Getting quite pleased with it now Geoff cant wait to try it and it was from my daughter who takes healthy eating to the max🙂 But my son who usually has a sense of what aquarium what l would like got be a collection of a winter coat socks and a jumper . Begining to sound bit scrooge like this is what aquariums do🤣
Missed the one year, thirteen month, fourteen month update really. Tank got a bit cramped and unkempt after the new year:


Wasn’t short of super red that’s for sure.

Did a tear out after the new year and keeping the planting up since. Mainly for friends who have new setups on the way in the interim. Tank is pretty packed at the mo.

Still doing large water changes to manage K and keep other parameters honest:


Still running a green drop checker:


Still running a low level of surface agitation and flow:


TPN+ works well with S. repens for form and stem is almost woody:


Buce needs thinning out and showing the odd sign that dosing is lacking:


Finally conceded at fourteen months and placed some root tabs:


Not many though, twelve for the whole tank. Should increase availability but bottom plus is nitrate and micros so we’ll see how things sit this month. Only running 6ml per day of TPN+ and eyeballing additional K input. Keeps trucking and new growth seems alright even after a trim and replant:




The first two are planted into the sand and Pinnatifida is planted onto wood so all are getting by with water column availability. Some early warning should anything go awry. Just the Buce kicking up a fuss.

Hope you’re enjoying your tanks and your hobby 😎
Wowsers what a stunning scape mate!
Brilliant transition of colour and hitting that rule of two thirds.

Cheers Ian and good to see you return 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you’re creating.
Those white clouds look stunning! The tank looks beautiful. How long have you been dosing NH4 and do you dose this instead of KNO3 or together?

They’re pretty happy in there, well fed too.

Switched to TPN+ using NH4NO3 as N source in October. Running the column with very little and continuing to rely on the substrate as much as possible. A lot of fish waste to remove each week though so still opting for large WC’s. It saves frequent filter cleaning so they only need opening up every three months.

Things are stable and maintenance is less than an hour per week, so hitting the desired outcome.
Woof , only 6ml! I’m running 1ml per 10l and still get signs of mg and fe deficiency.

Is it a low tds tank?
The 1200 is cheerful but currently overgrown:


Still holding on to as much growth as possible in case anything is needed with a friends new scape at startup. Not sure the Green Neons approve though:


Think they’re missing their margins to patrol. Will be trimmed back eventually.

Beginning to fall back in love with simple contrasts of green:


Starting to reimagine this scape stripped back at the front to just green plants and hardscape back on show. Packing out the back with swords for height out of the water, raising the lights.

It’s proving hard to resist the itch to rescape, but it would be insanity given the setup at this stage of life is beautiful- it does not ask for attention.

Have always designed the scapes from a kids eye view looking up:


Trouble is the kids got taller lol need an additional layer above the surface to satisfy these days.

Could be nice to get back to a simple palette like the old 4ft tank:


Noticed Daisuke Inoue is creating scapes for the ADA gallery in this fashion of late. Really nice to see tanks that are just pleasant rather than a statement or a play on depth perception.