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New Decade, New Decadence...


So peeps have been asking what’s destined for this 1200. First scape going in this tank will be a competition entry. However, it will be a friend who will be popping this tanks cherry. Her scaping talent only gets more impressive with every week that passes so gladly stepping aside on this one.

Already know @Delirious will create something immense and hope she’ll get the full support of the UKAPS community. Have to say I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about an upcoming scape, which is what the hobby is about when at its best. New blood inbound.
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Well you really are a true gent and scholar @Geoffrey Rea it only takes one person to belive in something or someone to bring out there true greatness and I'm very sure @Delirious will smash it in such an amazing set up ( not literally smash it) good luck girl

Well you really are a true gent and scholar @Geoffrey Rea it only takes one person to belive in something or someone to bring out there true greatness and I'm very sure @Delirious will smash it in such an amazing set up ( not literally smash it) good luck girl


I dont think he'd let me scape the next one if i smash it xD it would be fun though!
@Jayefc1 managed to get through six years with two young children turning everything in the living room into deadly missiles, playing catch with hot wheels cars, indoor football, children’s parties - all without breaking anything or even a scratch!! There will be no smashing, no talk of smashing, not even any thoughts of smashing :lol: :lol: :lol:
it only takes one person to belive in something or someone to bring out there true greatness and I'm very sure @Delirious will smash it

Have been hoping to see more entries from the UK in the comp scene in the last few years. Grown tired of waiting for ‘somebody to do something about that’... turns out I am somebody that could do something about that.

I think a large part of it is other countries have communities of people dedicated to scaping who they can bounce off as equals. Example is Brazil’s rise to the world stage:


The UK appears to suffer from more individualistic thinking generally (present company on UKAPS excluded) rather than communities and a leaning towards following/worshipping of big players/professionals. This community is a counter to this - just think of how much time and expert knowledge forum members freely share with one another. You can admire all the YouTube stars you like, but it’s the folks on here who take time out from their busy lives to explain and answer questions (one on one) to anyone who comes their way that gets my admiration.

It’s this break away from a popularity contest towards a mutual learning experience that’s inclusive and without hierarchy that could put 20 good entries into the IALPC, EAPLC and AGA from the UK.

I pay attention on this forum. I know others have thoughts/intentions of going for it. I say go for it and trust the wealth of knowledge and care that makes this forum a stand alone entity to support you. If there’s any doubts about whether what you have in mind will score, get familiar with what the judges are looking for to rid any doubt of what you’re doing. Example, IALPC scoring criteria:

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Well.maybe you need to take the plunge too I know you arnt into the comp seen personally but your talents are as good as any one the way you can grow plants and produce a picture amazes me just saying
Contest is fun and part of the hobby, you definitively got the skills for it.

And the coming back of the NA / planted style is good for us, european because asian ppl are generally better in diorama, so take your chance :)

Anyway, you seems to be à really nice Guy for letting another scaper do his thing in your tank , very nice! Would love to scape an big tank like this...one day...
Would love to scape an big tank like this...one day...

Careful what you wish for @CooKieS
I suspect I’m not the only one who would very much like to see you do just that given your skills ;)

“Never put off until tomorrow the fun you can have today” ~ Aldous Huxley

I may start crowd funding just to see you unleashed on a 120 ASAP :lol:

If it’s a case of the location the scape can fit, as with the above example, that problem can be overcome by finding a suitable location locally as well.

Well.maybe you need to take the plunge

It’s a case of he who chases two rabbits catches neither. I’m better positioned in a supporting role which is the exact proposition in the previous post. Competition entries seem to require:

- aquascaping knowledge and skill
- habitat knowledge
- good time management and project planning
- understanding of biome health; key indicators of this and flexible course correction
- plant growth and behaviour knowledge
- excellent plant husbandry
- understanding of water parameters and how these relate to fertilisation management
- photography knowledge and skill
- photoshop skill and operating within the remit of competition guidelines
- observation skills
- creativity with openness to other views and opinions
- thorough understanding of judges criteria and predilections
- good dollop of luck

This isn’t even an exhaustive list. For one person as an individual to be proficient in all the above is a very unlikely scenario. Sure you get people who are supposed ‘naturals’ such as with photography or having ‘green thumbs’ with good instincts. I don’t deny that.

But as a community or a team though... got all levels of the above expertise covered. It just requires a change in attitude from thinking of individual success to pushing the strongest to the top. It’s this in my mind that’s been missing from previous attempts to get traction on an increase of competition entries. The fallout from being involved with such projects is a rapid and accelerated understanding of the hobby for everyone involved.

Admittedly, perhaps being a little mean, I’ve rolled my eyes at previous comments and impassioned speeches about how the UK needs better representation in the aquascaping world. It’s not even the UK, it’s the people you speak to on here everyday.

But you can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it. Perhaps it’s about taking a step away from individual effort towards collective efforts that will get things rolling. There is no lack of knowledge or resources here, better execution would push it to another level.

How crappy would it be if someone out there had a winning scape sat in their front room but isn’t putting it forward because they haven’t got the photography knowledge. Could you help? Would you help?

Goal: 20 entries that are representative of this community’s ability
Sounds cool @Geoffrey Rea your scaping and @Delirious design skills will look good.

text me when @Delirious has forgotten her super sticky gloves and drops a rock in your new shiny glass!

I’ve got some nice black hardscape silicone glue that’ll fix the crack. Second thoughts you won’t need it as you’ll have soooo muuuuch of it all over the place anyway :lol:

Ps. Ignore all these Super high tech photographing. I’ll pop round with my iPhone 5S! :lol:

Ps. IAPLC 2019 books are now in at AG if you want some inspiration.
Cheers @Gill but scaping, planting and maintenance will be @Delirious solo. I’m just the lackey who will be holding the tray of plants and cracking inappropriate jokes one per minute.

As before, this will be a smash free zone... no smashing, no talk of smashing, not even mental imagery of a mere chip in the glass @Siege :lol:

Saying that did recently get forwarded the Green Aqua vid where Balazs drops a boulder at 6:00 in on the UG iwagumi tank setup video:

OMG that ‘DONG’ sound as it hits makes the whole body cringe for those who know :nailbiting:

As for your faith in said project good Sir @Siege I beseech you to remember my utter intolerance for inaccuracy - the rod shall not be spared lest the child learn nothing :lol: The extendable dennerle net shall be deployed.

I also hasten to remind you of the last project which was labelled “insane”, “doomed to be an algae farm”, “walking the line between brilliance and utter failure”....

I’ll just leave this here:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Anubias petite directly under 200-300 PAR and thriving... now there’s a mystery for a supposed low light loving plant ;)