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Journal My First Terrarium


16 Apr 2015
Something I always experienced extremely helpful with always very positive results and especially for accelerating establishment and new growth on transplanted epiphytes and mosses. Is spraying Rhizotonic I'm using this stuff already for a few decades and it never did let me down.

This is expensive stuff at £30.00 /L but using it as a spray diluted in demineralized water 1:250 will last you a long time. (Still at half this recommended dosage it still works). And this is not snake oil it really helps plants much faster over the transplant chock it contains enzymes and hormones based on sea kelp and it also is a food source for beneficial bacterial development. Epiphytes again rely a great deal on these bacteria as their food source. This is a well worth investment... You can use it every day, but just using it on plants in need to get over the transplant stress is already very sufficient and after that spray it once in a while it will last even longer.


All the people I recommended it to and that bought it and used it all came back to me with very positive feedback.

Look at this scape above the water... :) I guess you remember Jason, he once was an active UKAPs member. Starting his own plant shop and forum one day.
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5 Sep 2016
Anyone know what type of moss this is? Only seen it being called tree moss!

View attachment 166809

Would love to get my hands on some of that!

Hey Paulo, this might be a good alternative to the tree moss you were hoping to find. One of the reviews I read also mentioned that the photos don't do it justice, which is unsurprising to be honest.