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"Moss Mountain"

I saw this tank in the flesh recently. I think the positioning of the slate looks much better in real life. The tank does look bigger in the pics than real life too, which I think is always testament to a good layout :)
a1Matt said:
good point :oops:

I should of said...wider, not wide.

Although a wider angled lens will give a sense of 'big'

matt! a good layout will also add to the effect...plant positioning, giving a sense of 'depth' so actually, your also right.
I honestly envy you!!!!!!
Really nice one and something different.
Not like mine with a few plants,1 2 shelfs and some Pellets
Sorry guys, missed the last few posts.

a1matt, if you noted the opening date of this thread, it was 11th April '10. I was gonna do an update on the 1 year anniversary. So you'll just have to sit on your hands till then (8 days away) :lol:
Patience my man, patience :lol:

Andyh said he'll come back in a year too, so it will be good for him to see as well ;)
Damn when I see you had replyed I got bait excited that we might have some updated pictures :) I don't mind waiting a little while longer haha

I will departing the south river next month and will be visiting LW for a last time. Will give you a buzz to see if you are around and cheekily pop round :)

Be a good excuse to use the 6 month update on the other tanks as well :D
@Chris, I think I can handle another few days waiting :)

@Rik, you nutter, your only moving 6 miles North!
Hi all

OK, OK so I'm a day early :lol: .

Well people, this tank has been running for exactly 1 year tomorrow, so this post is a bit 'pic heavy' so apologies in advance :rolleyes:
There have been some major changes since you last saw it.
After running it for 8 months as a low light tank, some of the mosses grew all spindly and didn't look their best. So I thought bring on the CO2 :lol: . So at Christmas I did. I also increased the light after that, to speed things up, and as you may see, healthy, bushy growth is now being achieved :D .
Still got to grow in a bit more, as some of the mosses have been replaced.
Oh, and the shrimp population is booming :D .

Anyway, enough rambling from me and on to the pics

Some Willow moss

Some Flame

Some pearling Riccia

Some Fissidens (Thanks to LD, yes it's still going :D )

Some shrimp shots


Some Monosolenium Tenerum (Thanks to a1matt, that's still going too :thumbup: )

Some Lomariopsis lineata (Thanks to a1matt :D )

Couple of random shots


Looking in from the right hand side

Left side of the tank

Right side of the tank

Full tank (without spraybar :lol: )

Full tank (with spraybar :rolleyes: )

This tank has only been running with CO2 for 3 months.
Who knows what it will look like in another 12 months ;)

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking.
Hi all

SteveUK said:
Looks awesome Chris Lots of shrimp too! Do you have to trim the moss much, especially now with CO2?
Thanks Steve. We're getting there.
It does seem that I've a had shrimp baby boom lately. Don't know what that's all about :D
Haven't done much trimming yet, It took a while for it to take off, but I can certainly notice the growth rate now.
mlgt said:
Looking good mate. It has grown in alot!
Thanks Rik. It is certainly starting to go nuts :D
I love the pearling, especially on the Lomariopsis, and nothing sets a moss tank off better than a huge colony of shrimp clambering all over it :thumbup:

I think it would look great if you add in some extra meshes to get complete coverage of the substrate (easily created with trimmings from your existing mosses).
Thanks Matt :thumbup:
a1Matt said:
I think it would look great if you add in some extra meshes to get complete coverage of the substrate (easily created with trimmings from your existing mosses).
The Fissidens is managing to do that all by itself since the CO2 was introduced :lol: