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Little 20l AIO

What dGH increase were you looking for?
I just went for the “recommended target for RO” on the packet.

I have Neo’s in the tank. Currently 450 tds (but tap is fluctuating between 400 and 800 hence doing a store of RO).


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Hi all,
I have 30 liters of water storage so made up that much of RO water and Sky. That’s a handful of Darryl finger dippers lol.
That is "pour some into the palm of your hand", tip it into the RO water.

All joking apart, it doesn't seem like it would be accurate enough, but it is absolutely fine.

Cheers Darrel
Side note:

Picked up some glassgarten shrimp fit and mineral junky.
After the planaria outbreak, inconsistent tap water and now slowly moving them to remineralised RO water… I figured some preventative measures may help.
Another small fyi, co2 pressure started dropping and bubble rate slowed. Seems the canister is running out. Been running for three months at around 1 bubble per couple of seconds. The nano cylinder is £10. I got three cylinders and plan to move to soda stream in the future (no room for Fire extinguisher on the bookshelf).

So anyone thinking of using the co2 supermarket nano system and their little canisters on a 30cm cube with hard water = around £40 a year.
The needle leaf rhizomes are mush.
As are the Serimbu Brown.
I’m assuming it was the poor water quality combined with a new tank and poor husbandry etc…
So, I have done a restock of plants, for example I’m trying out mini coin instead of needle leaf.
Also put in some larger leaf epiphytes.
The crypts are not doing great but some new growth is emerging here and there. I will give them another month or so.
Some of the hobbit is holding on still.
I put in some hair grass to see if it fairs better than the Hobbit and Parva.
Few pictures after replanting.
Oh and there are several baby shrimp about so I added a floating riccia.
The co2 is a maybe bit high, I’m only making tiny adjustments as I have some bba from when the first tank ran out and the level was fluctuating for a week.
Lastly I dropped the light from 75% to 70% and will drop another 5% next week in a hope to discourage the bba.


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Full tank shot, close up and a baby shrimp


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Baby shrimps getting a little bigger and more colour and the older ones are berried again
Bloody Mary colours seem improved since moving to RO with APT sky and feeding Glassgarten Mineral Junkie & Shrimp Fit.

Also the Glassgarten edible cave is going down well (including with the detritus worms).

The Shrimplets population is growing perhaps too quickly. Seen about 10 now and have three berried females.

I’m contemplating reducing the temperature from 23 to 21. I had it higher in hopes of better plant growth.

Also wondering if I have too many floating plants now:
Ricca Flutans
Red Roots
Water spangles
I moved the light to get this picture.
I like the look, the water that’s uncovered has good ripples.
Hi all,
Also wondering if I have too many floating plants now:
Riccia Flutans
Red Roots
Water spangles
It is always <"useful to have a mixture">.

If I end up with too much coverage I just have a thin, I usually thin to 50% coverage in the summer and 30% in the winter, that just reflects that my tanks get some ambient light. People are often happy to swap or take them, and you maybe able to swap the Red Root Floater (Phyllanthus fluitans). Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) and Water Spangles (Salvinia auriculata group) for a credit note at your LFS.

cheers Darrel
I think I’m at about 80% coverage, so a bit much then.
Probably will thin it out a bit.
I don’t have a decent LFS near me, will just add to the compost. If anyone is in Ashford and wants a few bits, happy to share.
Thanks for the comment 👍
Hi all,
I think I’m at about 80% coverage, so a bit much then.
Perfect, I'd thin them back to 50% and then have a review (and / or thin) next week. They look pretty healthy, you could try the VIMI RRF index and see if the RRF changes colour and / or growth slows.
The Lithuanian fertiliser company "VIMI" - <VIMI> have a slightly different take on the Duckweed Index, where they've used the <"intensity of red pigmentation"> in Red-root Floater (Phyllanthus fluitans ) as their index of nitrogen content - <"What are the causes of diatoms?">.

Nitrogen limitation also gets a runout on the 2Hr Aquarist web site <"How to make red root floaters (Phyllanthus fluitans) redder?">
I've found that <"Riccia fluitans"> doesn't do well for me, but give it a bit more nutrients and alkalinity it grows like wild fire.

cheers Darrel
Perfect, I'd thin them back to 50% and then have a review (and / or thin) next week.
You can probably also get some takers and buyers as well.
Will do! Thanks Darrel

The Riccia is growing like mad. The baby shrimp hang out in it. Really pleased it’s growing so well. Unlike the Crypts that all re melted when I changed the water to RO.
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You can probably also get some takers and buyers as well.
Yeah, anyone nearby (Ashford in Kent) is welcome to come get some floaters. It’s a tiny tank so it’s not much, but a few bits will quickly multiply.
Another post about the mini engine room (a single box of an ikea kallix).
Added a Chihiros Dose Mate from Riverwood Aquatics. Came with all the bits and bobs.
Fits perfectly, I use the dosing bottles to stand our calendar against to hide all the equipment.

So now have power for lights (top of aquarium, side panel and planter lights), dimmer switches on pumps (aquarium, water change pump and air pump), timer for co2 and air (Philips hue timers) and auto dosing.

Few pictures of the Betta in the tank.

He seems a little nervous still, he often keeps his fins close. Only sometimes will he relax them and allow them to fully spread.

When I remove the lid to feed, he comes to the feeding ring and blows a few bubbles and wiggles (with his fins opened up properly).

I often see him catching a seedshrimp. He took a few try’s at the baby bloody Mary’s the first day but they dart away so fast he seems to have given up. They have tons of room to hide so I think it’s fine.

It’s only been a few days so hoping he will settle in more.

The cats kept tapping the glass so I’m keeping them out of this room for now. Will perhaps try some sticky tape for a few days in the future, that often makes them lose interest.

It’s only been a few days so hoping he will settle in more.
He almost certainly will, but I would be prepared for the fact he might be a Betta who needs more cover in a tank to be happy - I’ve always found my the various Betta I’ve kept previously happiest when the plants in the tank have been so thick I have to search to see the fish, but other people have definitely successfully kept them in more open tanks like this!

Also, as he has such lovely long fins, he might appreciate more things to rest on close to the surface. This could be a change to the scape or as simple as adding a Betta leaf.

Lovely tank and lovely fish!
Thanks for the post Alice!
I appreciate the advice.
I have a little magnetic ledge behind the tree for a resting spot but he is ignoring it. He seems to rest inside the Ricca (he has made a hole in it for a sort of nest).
I’m hoping the plants will grow and become more dense for him, in particular the left side has crypt spiralis planted but it melted and is taking forever to regrow.
Thanks again!
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