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Lean dosing pros and cons

Could do, but less likely the water butt in particular should be fairly 'bacterially mature' if its got a layer of leaf litter in it.
thansk you, rain water can't contain hardness (GH/KH) before reaching the soil right ? my roof is in concrete
Hi all,
I'd have to defer to @dw1305 for more detail on the reasons why
Many and varied, water just wants to dissolve things, and <"very small amounts of salts" (as ions)> have a big effect on electrical conductivity.
  • The first is the very small amount of dissolved CO2 that converts to H2CO3 and adds a proton (H+ ion). That proton conducts a minimal amount of electricity (1 or 2 microS).
  • If you have other <"gaseous pollutants">, they also <"add some conductivity">.
  • The big one for me <"is dust">. Water is a very efficient <"amphoteric solvent"> and if you have a <"lot of dust in the atmosphere">, and <"that dust"> contains CaCO3, then some of it is dissolved by the <"proton donors"> in the water and raises the conductivity (and pH).
  • Sea spray (containing NaCl), you would be amazed by how far it gets inland.
cheers Darrel
Hey guys, one of my tank is more than a year old now and i can tell that the substrate nutrients are gone which mean that i have no backup if i mess with the water column dosing, i was thinking about osmocote but my soil is 1.5 - 2 inches deep, which mean that ammonia will sooner or later be in the water with osmocote, how to solve that ? thx

i managed to clean my roof, now that autumn is here and lot of rain, tds is now 15 ppm which is near perfect to go back to lean dosing i think.
I actually don't really know if i can call my ferts routine lean because there is so much recipe difference that i'm lost here is what i dose :

NO3 = 3-5 ppm
PO4 = 0.5 ppm
K = 3.65 ppm ( due to K in the KNO3 powder + colombo flora grow)
Mg = 11 ppm - 2.5 dGH
Ca = 4 ppm
Iron = 0.06 weekly DTPA
Lean it surely is. Only one point is rather unorthodox - prevalence of Mg over Ca.
yes i know, i've read about it, but never seen difference in my experience. I dose CaCl2, which have lot of chloride in it which i'm a bit afraid of