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11 Dec 2008
i feel sorry for our friends who get disqualified, i really am.
all of us work very hard for this contest just hoping to get that recognition at the end of the day, it is sad to see that it was ruined by such a "mistake".

i have a few messages for some of our friends here:

1) For those who get disqualified: there is no shame in this disqualification. Unlike some unethical sportsmen who were banned due to drugs, your disqualification will not reflect badly on your ability in this hobby/contest. in the eyes of the peers, you merely made a mistake by violating the contest's "technical rules" which has no bearing on your ethic or aquascaping skill. We feel sorry for you but there will not be any disrecpectful feeling.

2) For those who condemn the contest or the organizer: Well it is a free contest and we participate (or not participate) with our free will too, nobody is forcing anyone. As with all the other contests, if you decide to participate, you adhere to the rules. PERIOD. If you do not like the rules or do not like the contest, nothing's wrong, just do not participate. Simple as that. This is a contest with subjective judgement, the organizer has been trying to make the contest judgement as "objective" as possible by including 17-18 judges from all over the world, i believe for contest of this nature, there is nothing the participants can ask for more in terms of fairness.

3) For those who has so much concern on whether the Grand Champion's tank has any plants: i have not seen the GC's work nor i know which tank he is submitting this year (there are a few versions on the net already), but one thing for sure, the judges are not blind. If the past works of our GC is of any relevant, i'm sure which ever tank he submitted will be stunning. so just sit back and relax...no point speculating whether he uses any plants.

This is an open forum and everyone is entitled to say anything.
i always read with great interest on all the comments and respect all input regardless i'm agreeable or otherwise. i just hope everyone discuss in good spirit.
critism is definitely okay for me but let's make it a constructive one.



19 Nov 2011
South West London
Been away for a while and just come back to see I made 10th from the UK. Well chuffed!
Not that far behind some of the biggest names in the UK game.

Will try a lot harder for the next one, and not leave it til 2am in the morning to take the shot.
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