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How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

A link provided to the IFC Fertilizer Calculator...
I first read about the forum in George Farmer’s book “Aquascaping” a couple of years ago but only visited for the first time yesterday when I was searching for reviews of the SuperFish Scaper 90 bundle that Maidenhead are selling. So far I’ve found it to be a fantastic and friendly source of information and inspiration.
I did a Google search on UK Aquascaping Forum assuming there must be one, and I guess Google just created it for me - or was it ChatGPT or Bard (and none of you actually exist and this is all made up by AI in response to my request)? Either that or your excellent SEO and my innate intelligence brought us together and for me, it was definitely love at first sight....
MARS. Terrain Area E-1775A. Camp 9.

I could not believe the person I was with loved fish. He pointed me here via a slow satellite link. We fell out. But still, this is a nice community. So glad Tony Blair is still in power.