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Hello from Dutch guy in Cambridge


8 Apr 2013
Cambridge UK
Hi UKAPS members,

Since I am new to these forums an introduction is in order.
To start, these are some great forums and they helped me out already!:):)

I am Dutch and currently doing my PhD in Cambridge.
As I have always had an aquarium since I was about 10, and was without one since I moved to Cambridge, I couldn't resist and bought a Flval Roma 200 (Yes a bit on the cheap side, a PhD ain't a gold mine;) ;) )

I have always had low tech aquaria, this will be my first high tech to produce some nice plant growth. I should have all equipment soon, (Grobeams, CO2 etc.) and will be dosing dry ferts. When I have my tank set up, I'll post images. It is going to be a community tank which also keeps my wife happy (she loves different coloured fishes)

However, I have a question about the hard water in Cambridge which I'll post in the water chemistry section.


Hi Steve,

No I don't work on anything fish based, I am a molecular biologist/geneticist and work on bleeding disorders. Although I know several people that study genetics in Zebrafish;), but that is sadly of no use to aquatics.
Hi Iain,

Nice to know there are other aquarium fanatics in the area:). I noticed you live in Cambridge on the members map, but you are the only one..
Apart from maidenhead aquatics, and the aquarium stores in Ely, is there any good LFS around that you can recommend?

Sadly not, I use the two MA's in Cambridge both of which are good. The other independents are pretty rubbish.
Aside from fish I mainly use our sponsors online or drive to freshwatershrimp, 40 mins on the m11 if you want to hand pick wood, stone etc and shrimp.
Thanks! I am happy with my Roma 200 :), the higher quality tanks will come in the future.
I have a question about the Roma though. It comes with 60W T8 which isn't really a lot. And the Aquaray GroBeams I ordered are out of stock for 3 weeks. Could I set up my tank using the T8, or would some of the plants melt away in that time? (HC etc.)

Freshwatershrimp sounds like a good place to go.
Just a minor update.

I have bought Iain his tank and have set it up. Now in week 6.
I'll make a new thread for it and share images etc. Hopefully someone can help me with some problems I'm having.