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new member getting started

  1. P


    I have had a 64 litre tank for a few years, and on the whole few problems. I have now splashed out on a Juwel Vision 180. My tank is planted, and I seem to be having issues with plants dying. It has been pointed out me that Co2 is my issue. Needless to say I feel quite thick after been a...
  2. Rob_Planted

    Intro... And advice needed on first planted tank!

    Hi Everyone, This seems like a great community! I have had fish tanks for many years and currently have a Roma 125 that only has a couple of amazon swords and crypts and has been like this for 2 years now with no co2, decent light, ferts etc. I am finally going to be brave and turn this into...
  3. J

    Hi from Sussex Haywards Heath

    Hi I'm Joe I'm New to UKAPS. I have been keeping a planted tank for about 2 years now. I have learnt loads but feel my knowledge of plants is letting me down as I have followed a lot of trial and error. I live in Haywards Heath Sussex..
  4. Trevorb101

    Already worried after a few weeks ...... And years of failure

    I have had a 4ft tank for 20 years. Freshwater tropical. Always failed miserably to maintain any sort of healthy environment. So, time to start again and do it right. I bought a new Juwel Vision 260. I use both the included Bioflow 6.0 filter system and an external JBL e700 filter. Currently...
  5. Michael Lees

    Starting out in North London

    I have been a fish keeper for several years and until recently had a tank with Malawi Cichlids. I stopped keeping them partly because of a period of illness but also because I came to realise that this kind of active fish could not be kept properly in a medium sized tank (180 Lt). I would like...
  6. Climbitise

    New To Planted Tanks

    Hi All Been browsing for a while and finally joined. Hope to gain and share knowledge to help me on my way to planted tank mastery. I have had a few small tropical tanks and am now running and refining my shiny new 350 litre community tank. Here are a few pics hope you like them. :) Fish...
  7. SalvadorNL

    Hello from Dutch guy in Cambridge

    Hi UKAPS members, Since I am new to these forums an introduction is in order. To start, these are some great forums and they helped me out already!:):) I am Dutch and currently doing my PhD in Cambridge. As I have always had an aquarium since I was about 10, and was without one since I moved...
  8. Nealeg

    New Member from Cheshire UK

    Hello everybody. I'm new to the hobby, still in the research process but I have made my mind up what I want. It's a shrimp tank say 25/30ltrs. Looked at a few different makes of tank but I think I may settle for a Fluval EBI or the Fluval Flora, same tank, different equipment. I also want to...