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Get your garden out


15 Nov 2015
I've got one lupin that does well in normal years but this year was so wet it got munched by slugs. It does get the aphid problems but if I get there early and squash a few, natural predators tend to take care of the rest. If I don't get there early then spray them off with a burst of water and it seems to work well.

I grow lots of echinops as well and they seem to always get covered in blackfly but I use the water squirting method and they seem to be fine. This year however I barely saw any pests at all, didn't even get any on the broad beans, and I don't know if it's because I increased my diversity of helpful plants or they just didn't make it through such a harsh winter (bees, apart from bumblebees, seem to have been at much lower numbers this year in the garden).
30 Aug 2020
Had a bit of a harvest yesterday and then roasted pumpkins for tea
IMG_20211003_130355.jpg IMG_20211003_124048.jpg IMG_20211003_122916.jpg IMG_20211003_122922.jpg IMG_20211003_122933.jpg IMG_20211003_124922.jpg IMG_20211003_114927.jpg IMG_20211003_125451.jpg
Some of the sunflowers had gone over, so up on the roof for the birds and away from the rats.
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