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Get your garden out

Some nice big gardens on show!

Well here are couple of shots from mine (I have many more!):





My favourite shot from a previous address:
Why don't you just dig a big hole and line it?

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What we have there will do for a start, and I think it is to be more of a water feature rather than a fish pond. Maybe a few Comets in the future.

The trouble is the pond I would like eventually will be a 12ft x 4ft raised sleeper pond. Somewhere around 4ft below ground at its deepest about and 3ft above. For now funds and kids just won't allow for that sort of project, planning stages only for now.

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Well this is my garden now, coming out of the depths of a very soggy winter; random unadulterated phone shots - Gertrude Jekyll is a great influence...I wish...
and this is it in the height of summer...

This is my homage to nature conservation...my very own wild flower meadow...
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Fantastic boarders, and me too...that is evolution not revolution. I think you've definitely encapsulated the William Robinson approach. How long did it take to establish those boarders? They look very mature and well settled in. The rose is 'The Princes Trust', by the way. I don't think I've quite got the hang of pruning it yet so it could probably do better given half a chance.

This is perhaps one of the most spectacular boarders I've seen, not far from where I live, Ascott House Gardens.

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So I'm moving tomorrow and this is my new garden, needs lots of work but will hopefully look great next year :)

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Plenty of room for potential...maybe you could do a journal:D
Well it would be fun :) its a shame that most of the stuff that is already here has been hacked back so it will tale a few years of pruning to get it looking nice again. Also the blue pergola really needs changing..... Not a fan of the colour one bit!!

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Looks very nice Ali, lots of potential and hard work. Good times.

Little update on my garden, the good weather this weekend has allowed me some time outside, and this is where I am at at the moment.

Before pic

After pic

Still lots to do, but am really pleased with it so far. Just a shame about the rest of the garden lol

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Looks really neat wallace. I did the same thing with the water tank out of our loft when we changed the boiler.

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Garden isn't looking like much atm, although the fruit trees are flowering and the wisteria's flowers are forming. Anyway, here you go:

left side:

right side:

It looks much better later in the year when the fences are all covered :)

Very nice Viv, I can visualise it in it's prime...I think what we do with out little corner of this sceptred isle, and green and pleasant land, says a lot about who we are...
...And did those feet in ancient time...
I thought I'd give an update on the garden - I was going to edit my previous post but couldn't see how to do it :( Anyway, here's a few shots going around the garden left to right:






Things coming along nicely :) Biggest job this year is replacing the fence on the right hand side. Winds are so strong here that we've decided to put up hit and miss fencing, maybe then we won't be replacing panels every year!! I hope everyone else is enjoying being outside as much as I am! :D

Very nice Viv, now I'll have to get mine out again:D
this weather is awsome, it's nice to see thing growing, but the aquarium isn't getting much love:D I've been dosing the features ei since reading clives thread, the difference is amazing.our plants are a bit here and there as our fence is coming down, once I've finished all the neighbours fences:) I'll get round to ours and getting the plants where they should be
Lots of potting on to do this evening tis a bit warm at the mo. Viv,, your pond has been inspiring me to build one a BIG one:D Cheers kirk.
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I thought about doing that too but everything's growing well enough - I don't want even more plants to deal with! As it is I've had to divide the Japanese iris already and today I had to take off some dwarf rushes 'cos they were virtually floating free. I'll need to get another pot for them. I can see lily flower heads beneath the surface so they'll be up real soon :)

I know what you mean about the heat! French doors are open wide ATM as well as all the windows. My daughter is laying out in it baking her noodle while getting a tan. Never been my cup of tea but then I'm pretty sure she's a changeling ;) Catching the sun while I planted up the sweetcorn yesterday evening was enough for me!

Our garden is quite a typical size for the age of house in Guernsey because there would of been a vinery there before the garden.
It was possible to make a living from one half acre vinery or 3 x 200' green houses.
Between about 1850 & 1920 Guernsey exported Cannon Hall grapes to Covent garden, alone with figs & a black grape that I cant remember the name of!
We still have two Canon Hall vines & one fig tree, the grapes are amazing, really big like a quails egg size & incredibly sweet & the figs are nothing like you will find in a supermarket.
During the late summer you can buy the grapes & figs from many road side stalls.
Interestingly the grapes were planted outside the glass house but the vine was directed into the house through a hole in the lower wall so the foliage & fruit would be inside.