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Fizzing sound from inline diffuser


21 Dec 2021

I recently bought an inline diffuser from co2art (16/22) since I wanted a more clean look in my 140L. The diffuser has been set up for about a week but since yesterday starting to make "fizzing" noises. Is that supposed to happen when it's broken in so to speak or do I have a leak somewhere? Tried the soapy water method and couldn't find any leaks.
Using the CO2art pro-se, about 4 bubbles per second and pressure at almost 40bar
You mean 40psi probably? I had a fizzing noise on some in-tank diffusers without showing any leaks, most likely it's just the gas passing through the porous ceramic.
Yeah I meant psi, had an intank before that required a higher working pressure but changed it to this online diffuser instead.
Gonna lower it to 30psi and keep it at 3/4 bps and see if it affects the noise
Mine fizzes if you put your ear to it. No leaks and can’t hear it with the cupboard doors closed. It’s not as loud as my filter.

If yours is like this then I’d say that’s probably normal.
I would say its a little louder than that. I actually did a reassemble of the diffusor before installation since it leaked water in the joint between the clear and black part
I had the smallest leak from where the plastic screwed together. Does your working pressure gauge remain still or does it wobble/ rise and fall. Leak test didn't show anything to me but my gauge was wobbling slightly. I replaced the diffuser and all was well
Working pressure seems stable, I should prob take it out and deassemble it