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  1. Carbondioxide

    Multitasking made easy

    When you're using our Pro Elite regulator, supplying an additional aquarium is simple. Just add an extra manifold, select a diffuser and that's it. Our Pro Elite regulator has been available for several years now along with the additional manifolds but when we see someone supplying multiple...
  2. Carbondioxide

    Product Review Our acrylic iO Diffuser is on sale

    🌱 Excellent CO2 dissolution rates thanks to the nano co2 mist technology membrane. ✅ 🌱 Easy maintenance and durable materials make IO Diffuser a perfect choice for novice and expert aquascapers alike. ✅ 🌱 Designed to be used as a regular glass CO2 atomizer diffuser, but offering higher CO2...
  3. R

    Co2 diffuser venturi?

    I have a 29Gal tank, I am using a fire extinguisher CO2 cylinder as a source of pressured setup. Currently, I have a ceramic diffuser which is located beneath a small 3W power filter. I want to set a venturi setup. will it improve my Co2 diffusion or not? My 3W power filter can be seen, it was...
  4. Carbondioxide

    January sales 20% off everything

    If your looking at changing your diffuser or starting a new aquascape in the new year, visit our website and take advantage of our January sale. discounts available across our entire range of products until the 5th January. www.co2art.co.uk
  5. Carbondioxide

    Are you in, or our?

    What is your preferred method of diffusing CO2 in your aquarium?
  6. Crazy_Walrus

    Co2 possible fault?

    Hello, I have just set up my co2 system. The diffuser is now full of co2 and there's no water left in it. My issue is that there are not many bubbles coming out of the diffuser at all. I have it at 1 bubble per second and the diffuser has a tiny amount of bubbles? Is the correct or is...
  7. B

    ISTA Diffuser big bubbles help

    Just bought a ISTA ceramic diffuser and it is only shooting big bubbles. Package says this should fix after 24 hours but it’s been 2 days now. The diffuser is round and white in colour. Anyone use this diffuser or familiar with what’s going on ?
  8. Kalum

    Anyone used new Co2art inline diffuser (qanvee)

    Just wondering if anyone has used the new Co2art inline diffusers yet and has any feedback? https://www.co2art.eu/collections/co2-accessories/products/new-co2art-inline-co2-aquarium-atomizer-diffuser-system-16-22mm-hose
  9. Carbondioxide

    New Inline Diffusers

    We have just launched a new inline diffuser - check them out on our website. Features: – replaceable ceramic membrane – durable and crack resistant metal body – nano co2 mist technology membrane – 12/16mm & 16/22mm connection sizes Using our inline diffuser allows for less equipment to be...
  10. oscarlloydjohn

    Any need for a bubble counter?

    I have an Aquario Neo diffuser and was wondering if the bubbles coming from the pipe at the bottom of the diffuser would work fine as a bubble counter (maybe it would have uneven flow?) I don't see a need for unnecessary clutter so I'd love to not have to buy an inline one. Cheers
  11. doylecolmdoyle

    Qanvee M1 Out-Tank Co2 Atomizer

    I ordered one of these newer style inline atomizers from ali-express, cost about $20 AUD delivered, it arrived today, I will use this thread to review the co2 atomizer, first post is just an unboxing and photos, will try get this installed over the weekend and review on its performance compaired...
  12. Something Fishy

    Cleaning co2 diffuser and solenoid pressure

    Hi Tried 6% h202 on my diffuser but very little is clean, left over night and tried liquid carbon too and still algae is present. Bleach the only option left? I thought of trying Cola or something has anybody tried that? Gonna move it out of the light next time I think... I have an inline...
  13. Richard Dowling

    JBL Pro Flora Direct Inline Diffuser - Your Experiences?

    Hi All, Do any of you have any experiences with the JBL Pro Flora Direct - Inline CO2 Diffuser? I have used a particular inline diffuser (Which I wont name because I respect the retailer) over the last few years and have had to have the plastic casing replaced 3 times on warranty. Its cracked...
  14. L

    CO2 Reactors vs Diffuser for large aquarium

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but I have been directed here for some useful advice. A little bit of research: I would like peoples opinions on CO2 reactors and Diffusers (ceramic) and which would be better for a large 6ft aquarium. I have read multiple threads on different forums, some...
  15. DannyH

    FE compatible *regulators?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to set up a FE C02 system and as the title states I am looking to confirm what diffusers are compatible with a 2kg bottle? I currently have TMC and JBL Pro flora diffusers and am wondering if either will fit straight onto the bottle? Or failing that if there is an...
  16. Aqua Hero

    is this bleach okay to use for cleaning diffusers

    Is this bleach safe for cleaning diffusers http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=260550096
  17. Cor

    which diffuser/ atomizer/ reactor?

    In my run for a new nano tank (30L) I have some stuff to buy. So I've got myself a Dennerle CO2 Primus 160 set, 500 g disposable bottles, with a Mini-Flipper. But this flipper is one ugly thing and oversized for my nano. Is it possible to use another diffuser / atomizer / reactor? I suppose...
  18. K

    Leaking CO2 diffusers

    Hi I have had two inline up co2 diffusers from co2art and both have developed a leak. Not straight away, but over a period of weeks. Any idea what could cause this? And how do I fix it?
  19. Zak Rafik

    Changed to a Sera Co2 Reactor 1000. Gave up on inline diffuser for my planted tank.

    Hi everyone, It has happened again. :eek: First I noticed my plants shedding its leaves and then a sudden burst of green spot algae on most of the plants. Having experienced this a few weeks ago, I noted that the size of Co2 bubbles from the inline diffuser via the spraybar were bigger than...
  20. K

    Diffuser Position

    Hi all, Just wanted your thoughts. I have a Juwel Rio 180 with the internal Juwel filter. I currently have a glass diffuser that sits under my Hydor powerhead. This does a good job of chopping up the bubbles and spitting them out. What I wanted to ask was, would it be better to have the...
  21. michael woods

    Champagne Co2??

    Sorry to post again...but I'm in need of some advice. I'm running a 3kg co2 tank through a regulator from co2 art and a bazooka diffuser, also from co2 art. It's running at about 2bps and my drop checker is a nice line green but the tank looks like the inside if a champagne glass! There's...
  22. CO2Art.co.uk

    Original UP New Inline CO2 Atomizer Diffuser System Available now on CO2Art!

    Hello, Great news! We are first in UK to have Original UP Latest (Released in February 2014) Inline CO2 Atomizer for sale! UP decided to change design slightly so now you will be able to clean it very easy or change hose attachment nuts so if you decide to buy bigger / smaller filter you don't...
  23. Antoni

    Fluval co2 ceramic diffuser, Up aqua atomizer and solenoids

    HI all, probably has been discussed before, but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I have bought the Fluval ceramic co2 diffuser few months back and installed it on my nano tank. It has been working great and I thought is a great piece of kit, until I decided to use one on my 60 cm...
  24. tubamanandy

    Tunze Diffuser/Reactor - anyone else using ?

    Just upgraded from a small ceramic type diffuser to the Tunze. Only been using it for a few days and so far I'm impressed with the look/design/quality of the Tunze unit. Just a few observations that maybe wrong, unit seems to mix the CO2 with the water very well but does not seem to...