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Fish ident help

Mr T

24 Nov 2009
Nr Wroxham, Norfolk
Hello all,

Just returned from a work trip to Bergen, Norway and whilst plodding round one afternoon came accross a display tank outside a local pet store (which was closed at the time!). Amogst all the usual stuff I managed to identify was a species I had never seen before. And no I'm affraid I dont have any pics! They where about cardinal tetra sized and belive they are some sort of tetra or minnow. The body had a reddish hue but had vertical blue stripes on it. Never seen anything with colours like these and am pretty sure that they were not a dreaded dyed fish of some sort. There were about a dozen in the tank all shoaling nicely and i'm having no luck in identifying them. If I could find out what they where they would make a lovely addition to my planted tank! Any help appreciated!
Fantastic, nice one guys. :D The forum geniuses work there magic again!
Looking at the pics I'm pretty certain that they were Danio Choprai. They must have been happy in there as the colours were really vivid. I'm guessing that they are fairly easy to keep being danios and would be happy enough mixing with Cardinals. I also have a number of Poecilia endlers which breed like billy o. I know danios are generally insectivorous but would they be likely to predate on the fry? Lastly, anyone know if they are readily available in the UK? (I'm located near Norwich)

Thanks again for the help, I'd forgotton all about the humble little danio and used to keep loads of these some years ago!