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First paludarium attempt...


New Member
28 Oct 2021
I haven't run a tank for around 8 or 9 years as I just didn't have time for the care and maintenance but I missed my planted tanks. Hopefully, with an ultra low tech paludarium, I can get the pleasure without the work!
The right hand tank has no filter (bar a small pump that feeds the waterfall pulling water through some filter foam underneath the platform), no heater and no inhabitants. I will probably add some isopods though. The tank on the left doesn't even have a pump as it was a hasty home for excess plants (B&Q had a clearance and at £1 each I couldn't say no).
It's all pretty experimental having never built one before, nothing is fixed in case it all needs ripping apart in a month!

All in all, the total cost for both tanks was £40 £23 on plants, £10 for the pump and £7 for some tubing! The wood and rocks were in a skip at work, I had the tanks already and the lights were given to me yesterday,


20 Oct 2021
Hayward ca
Looking good with the Anthurium and the Fittonia. The Birds nest Ferns are tough guys..but they do get a good sized. Here in California I have some in the backyard that have 4' leaves on 3' of trunk. Looking like a banana plant. Still,I have kept them small for very long time in pots- so don't worry.
One tip? You will get much better growth out of the emersed plants that have roots in the water if you dose iron glutamate. Can make a world of difference.
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