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Anubias problem.


26 Apr 2019
United Kingdom
I’m quite new to planted tanks and have had this tank running for about 4 months. I have been struggling with diatoms (at least I think that’s what the problem was/is). I increased the lighting and have been adding liquid carbon which has made a big difference. However, my Anubias plants are stained brown. I recently pruned them to try and get rid of brown leaves. I have recently noticed some leaves are lighter than the others. Is this just new growth? Also, I have noticed a yellow thing growing from the rhizome. Is this something to be concerned about? I thought it might be the Anubias sending out a flower but wasn’t sure.


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Hi George
Welcome to the UKaps:thumbup:
If removing unsightly leaves from Anubis, best practise is to peel the affect leaf from the rhizome!
Probably brown diatoms...if it rubs off!
Lighter green leaves...are usually young leaves, they darken with age!
The yellow stalk, looks like a decaying stalk without a leaf!
Agree with Hogan53 on all counts. That Anubias looks to be in decent shape. Old growth Anubias leaves are algae magnets, really. The liquid carbon you speak of, is that Paraguard, Stressguard, Excel or such? If so, it's the algaecide glutaraldehyde. It can play a role keeping nuicance algae at bay but if you keep any shrimp or algae eating species, you may want to dial back the dosage -just FYI. I'm unaware of a true liquid CO2 supplement that can be bought in a liquid.
Thanks for your replies. Seems you were right about the yellow thing being a rotten stalk. It came straight off when I touched it. I’l remember to peel rather than cut next time.

I’m using API co2 booster. Started using it about 3 weeks after setting the tank up because all the plants were getting covered in diatoms very badly. I don’t get it anywhere near as bad as I used to but I still get a bit.

Is there any other way of preventing/removing diatoms?

I’m already using fairly high lighting and changing probably around 50% of the water every week. I’ve tried rubbing the Anubias leaves with my fingers and very gently with a toothbrush. This has gotten most of it off apart from some of the bad stains.