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anubias nana

  1. F

    Dry start wood mould

    Hi all, simple question really (hopefully). I have some small bits of wood that I am dry starting in a very humid closed terrarium, it has developed a fuzz like mould or fungus all over one side. Could this hurt Java Moss or Anubis? Could it hurt any of the other semi aquatic aquarium plants...
  2. F

    White Anubias leaf melt

    I bought some of the ecoscape in vitro Anubias Snow White and it came looking happy other than one leaf melting. Today checking in on them and the one on wood (which previously had the melted leaf) has half melted another leave and half of the others look like they're about to loose a leaf or...
  3. bettaguy

    Tiny anubias wabikusa in a glass dome

    You could argue it’s a terrarium because of the dome I guess. It’ll always be a wabikusa to me haha: it’s my favourite because it’s so simple and the rock has so much detail! I believe it’s a anubias nana and the rock is elephant skin rock.
  4. G

    Anubias problem.

    I’m quite new to planted tanks and have had this tank running for about 4 months. I have been struggling with diatoms (at least I think that’s what the problem was/is). I increased the lighting and have been adding liquid carbon which has made a big difference. However, my Anubias plants are...
  5. Sudipto

    Can I make my anubias rhyzome grow from the other end?

    My anubias nana is growing pretty well on a bog wood. But unfortunately its rhyzome is growing on the end where I don't want it to. I want it to grow at the other end, where it is completely static for the last four months or so when I first bought it. It is not possible now to uproot the plant...
  6. Lauris

    2 stones of Rock

    So... Retired my 30L Dwarf Pass Replaced it with 60L tank Did not much of work on scape. Just crammed in 2 big rocks and tree The plan relays more on the Dwarf grass growing thick and form main look of the scape cutting it when I will get there. Also I hope it will form nicely itself as there...
  7. Lauris

    Nano escape

    Decided to "move things around'. done and dusted with this one: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/crystal-meadow-f-spec19l-nanao.32439/ so.. Fuval Spec 19L tank. I guess I managed to fit as much as possible in it. lol So tech pecs are pretty much same: Light Hi-Lumen LED 1000 Lumen...