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Recent content by martinmjr62

  1. martinmjr62

    Still aquascaping...

    Simple clean and very easy on the eye, well done indeed
  2. martinmjr62

    Pond water dechlorinator V aquarium dechlorinator?

    Good to know as I've run out of prime but have got pond doctor dechlorinator for outside
  3. martinmjr62

    New full-time career in aquatics

    Congratulations George,getting paid to do something that you actually enjoy,might see that catching on ;)
  4. martinmjr62

    Stu's Black Lava Mini M Nano Scape

    Lovely looking set up. The greenery against the black lava rock works really well :clap: Cheers Martin
  5. martinmjr62

    New Toy

    Yes it was, paid £50 for it back in 1977 worth a fortune now. Mate of mine just bought a mint one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  6. martinmjr62

    New Toy

    Very nice,i certainly regret never doing my bike test.I had an old Yamaha FS1E back when i was a lad but never took the test going into cars instead.Alot of my mates went on to bigger bikes and i now regret not going further :( Cheers Martin
  7. martinmjr62

    Roots Dyed Dark - Low Tech Blackwater (updated 08-04-14)

    Lee, looking really nice,moss arrived safely,many thanks once again Cheers Martin
  8. martinmjr62

    George's 65cm Natural Aquario

    George,another beauty :thumbup: Cheers Martin
  9. martinmjr62

    Some disease is killing my fish!

    Sorry to hear this ,hope you get it sorted Cheers Martin
  10. martinmjr62

    New Rio 180 set up

    Evening all, just a quick update to the thread. Not much change really. Moved a few bits around and thinned out some of the java fern. Got some Riccia in a holding trap and fissedens in a bag until I get time to use it. Very busy decorating the kitchen at the moment. Got some spiky moss coming...
  11. martinmjr62

    Edge 23 litre

    Been a long time since I've posted any pictures of the little edge I have running in the kitchen Still going strong low tech no major problems, just weekly water changes and dosing Neutro t daily. Stock is 3 no 3 line pencil fish, 3 galaxy rasboras, 6 amano and 5 cherry shrimp from the tank...
  12. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Just a few update pictures of the shrimp tank. Still not closed it down and moved it to the new tank yet as I'm busy decorating the kitchen and don't have time at the moment. Shrimp are happy enough where they are any way so no rush. Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  13. martinmjr62

    90 cm fresh start. Thread finished.

    Filling out nicely mate,nice to see the dreaded BBA on the decline, must update my threads and get over to see you Cheers Martin
  14. martinmjr62

    My Oranda

    Hi Lindy i had bunched plants in the tank but they didn't last long,i think looking at pictures, that they might have been Elodea.They were sold at my local MA as bunched oxygenating plants.Question,do you think that adding ferts to the water would help the plants as they appeared to die off and...
  15. martinmjr62

    Who's read the Daily Mail today...

    There are some fantastic scapes in the article Nice to see a bit of recognition for our "sport" Cheers Martin