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Recent content by dw1305

  1. dw1305

    Betta in need of help, please

    Hi all, I think all really fancy Siamese Fighters are difficult to keep long term, presumably due to over-breeding and limited genetic base. If anybody sold "mongrel" Betta they would likely be a lot healthier. If I wanted long lasting Betta siamensis, I'd go for a "Plakat" type. Betta...
  2. dw1305

    Guide to TDS

    Hi all, I like a 100 litre tank, it makes the calculations easier. For potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3) it is: 7.2 g of KHCO3 in hundred litres gives 2dKH and that should be plenty along with the cuttle bone. Don't worry about the strips, just use the calculation, (from <"James' Planted...
  3. dw1305

    Guide to TDS

    Hi all, That should be fine, you shouldn't need to add any more dKH. The rate of dissolution of the cuttle "bone" will depend on how soft the water is, softer water will dissolve the CaCO3 more quickly. I'm not a fan of sodium (Na) addition, I don't think you need to add it, but if you did...
  4. dw1305

    Guide to TDS

    Hi all, It will only precipitate out if there was more CaCO3 in solution (as Ca++ and 2HCO3-) than there would be at equilibrium with atmospheric CO2 levels. You often get this in <"tufa springs"> where the water is both <"cool and under pressure">. cheers Darrel
  5. dw1305

    Getting neon tetras spawning?

    Hi all, Yes, I'd go for the cooler water change. You may find that you need lower dGH as well. The other thing that might help (and I understand that this might not be possible) is some morning sunlight. Otherwise just tank light for an hour just after dawn and use really heavily tannin stained...
  6. dw1305

    Suggestions please; Easy low tech TALL stem plants

    Hi all, Another similar one <"Hygrophila corymbosa?">. Definitely have a <"floating plant">, for all the reasons @Wookii gives. cheers Darrel
  7. dw1305

    Consistency Deficiency

    Hi all, A name, but then I had a thought and an edit with cheers Darrel
  8. dw1305

    Guide to TDS

    Hi all, I think it would. I have a feeling there is one somewhere Paulo (@LondonDragon) may know? cheers Darrel
  9. dw1305

    Yellow rain water

    Hi all, Yes, tannins or plasticier from the barrel, if it is new and green or yellow plastic? If it isn't a new barrel? I wouldn't worry about using the water, if it is a new barrel? I'd pour the water away, until the water is clearer. If it is a just a slight tint? So that you can notice the...
  10. dw1305

    Kh fluctuation with co2

    Hi all, I'd agree with that. I would (and have) advised the OP that I wouldn't use CO2, and that is always going to be my advice. Definitely. <"Plant it with plenty of plants and wait">. cheers Darrel
  11. dw1305

    Tropica aqua soil

    Hi all, I've used the <"power-head and sponge combination"> a lot. I like a sponge browsing surface for shrimps etc. Personally I don't like the idea of the "Wavemaker" type power heads which I always worry are going to shred your smaller livestock. If I had more tanks I would use an <"air...
  12. dw1305

    Kh fluctuation with co2

    Hi all, I'm <"not an expert">, but I'll have a go at it. As you say RO doesn't <"have a meaningful pH">. It would theoretically be pH 7, and actually pH 5.6 (because of the atmospheric CO2 that diffuses into the water) , but any addition of bases (H+ ion acceptors), however small, will send...
  13. dw1305

    Kh fluctuation with co2

    Hi all, This one tends to come up a lot, particularly <"on other forums">. I always tell people that acidosis and fish deaths are both symptoms of an underlying problem, rather than one having caused the other, and it <"hasn't always gone down very well">. When you <"add CO2"> you've...
  14. dw1305

    Do you take the 1 pH drop from completely degassed water or from just before CO2 turns on?

    Hi all, Yes, that is one of the issues, increase in plant dry weight is the only real measure of CO2 incorporation. cheers Darrel
  15. dw1305

    Referb and restart after 30 years. Low tech.

    Hi all, There is a useful review article: Pedersen O, Colmer, T. & Sand-Jensen, K. (2013) "Underwater Photosynthesis of Submerged Plants – Recent Advances and Methods" Frontiers in Plant Science 4 <"https://www.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fpls.2013.00140"> cheers Darrel