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Your Sneakiest Tank Inhabitants?


18 Apr 2012
I always used to give my Amano shrimp this accolade, since were incredibly antisocial until I upped their group from 4 to 8, and regularly thought they'd been eaten!

The new kid on the block though, without a shadow of a doubt, is otocinclus black. I've got 4 of these fellas, and for about 2 weeks now have only ever seen 1 at a time at most. I'm seriously debating pulling out the planted logs to check if they're still even in there!

So, your votes for the unsung ninjas of the aquarium?
Ooh, interesting. My otis are real show-offs. Always out and about, as are my CPDs who always try to catch my attention when they see me, in case I give them food.

The black widows on the other hand are a completely different matter. In the morning before I go to work I add my ferts and do a feed and they are there waiting without fail. They often charge up and try to jump out and get the food before it hits the water! At other times of day they hide. I have a very secluded area in that tank, behind a large piece of rock and with dense planting. I think they hide in there but I can't tell for sure.

I do have one rogue cherry too. I catch glimpses of him now and then but mostly he is off on his own. One lonesome cherry amongst all this amanos!
I had an upside down catfish a while back that I'd forgotten about totally, until one day I was moving the tank, so had emptied everything out including the big bit of bogwood. they was suddenly a loud thud as the poor thing hit the deck. That must b going back at least 5 years and he still lived to tell the tale lol.
3 upside down catfish which i never see
4 ottos i never see
1 yoyo loach i never see

some of my tanks just look empty :(
Clown pleco, and Kuhli loaches.
Only see em after dark with assistance of red lens on fishing cap light.
Hi all,
Only see em after dark with assistance of red lens on fishing cap light.
Ditto, I've got an L129(Hypancistrus debliterra) and L333 that are definitely vampires as well.

The ones that really surprised me were Corydoras hastatus, I saw less and less of them for 3 months after I bought them, and after I hadn't seen them for about a year I sadly decided they had all died. We had new windows put in last year (they are in the lab on the window-sill) and I had to drain and move the tank, when I found I still had 4 of them, including an obviously spawning female. Now the tank has been back in its window for almost a year, and I've seen 2 of them once since it went back.

I've no idea how many I have now.

cheers Darrel
Tiger Gobies! proper stealth, buried in the sand with just their eyes sticking out, it's like a rubbish game of Where's Wally!
Newsflash: 3 Otos have been sighted! Only one potential ninja remaining!