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Wondering about next tank?


28 Dec 2008

I've been reading this forum for a while but felt a bit out of my depth to comment :oops:

I have kept, at various times, marines or tropicals for nearly 40 years!!!

This is my current Biorb which I had because of lack of space - the moss wall is failing so will be removed.


I now want to move more into the planted tank world, with hopefully shrimps & small fish (my existing cardinals & danios).

I'm stuck about choosing what to go for? I am very drawn to a Dennerle Nano with stand as it is not very different in size to the Biube. Has anyone any other recommendations?

I don't want to include CO2, except perhaps Excel or similar.

I also need help with all the other bits including filter, lights and substrate etc so any advice or recommendations at all would be fantastic.

Many thanks,
Hi Sue,
welcome to UKAPS,i have seen the dennerle nanos setups and i think they are superb,there are three sizes available,with the largest being 30ltrs,if you go for the largest it comes with filter,heater,light,and substrate,you also get some shrimp food as well,all for around £110,regards john.
I echo John's comments on the Dennerle Nano's.
For an all-in-one setup they are quality and think I'll get one in the future.
Whilst I'm in favour for all-in-one setups it might be worth considering getting something to your specifications. For example, I first got the Juwel Vision 180 as it had lights, filter and heater all-in-one, but now I've replaced everything! It might be cheaper in the long run for you to invest in better lights, external filter etc. Just depends what you're going to put into it.