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why your user name?

User name taken from Buick automobile my Grandfather used as fishing vehicle for our get away's from Mother,Grandmother.
Well maybe not interesting... it was the first available name i put in when i created my first character on world of Warcraft (don't worry those days are long gone) :) and has kind of stuck ever since ( my first choice name Fullstop was already taken on the server i wan't to play on :arghh: ) and i'm a little on the weird/crazy o_O
side :) i blame it on being tall...
so, well, hmmmm, mine isn't actually mine apart from on a Thursday when I dance on tables.....
no really, the tank was a pressie for my wife so I set up her username thinking she may get involved and here I am bitten by the bug and doing all the hard graft lol.
Oh, and as i'd set up the name for Fran which is what she uses elsewhere, I thought i'd just carry on and confuse people;)
my name is my nick name with a bit added my nick name is biff
but some called me biffster and it stuck i got biff from biffa bacon
from viz magazine and i used to bat people as well
Um, well... I changed recently from SteveUK to just my name. Seems the fashion on UKAPS :lol:

Previously gone as DevUK, which was short for Deviant UK which is another name I've used. Deviant comes form my bedroom DJ days, but I shortened it when I joined various fish forums as I didn't want strange looks ;)
I tried having interesting user names when I first started going on forums but I visited so rarely that I kept forgetting what they were! So now it's just the shortened version of my name (never used in 'real' life lol) - even I can't forget that!!

Good one...I wanted my user name to be my own name but Tim already took it...Grrrr...So I chose the next best thing my youngest sons name Troi. If any mods read this can you change my user name to Tim Harrison? it would be very much appreciated...I've always felt like a fraud using a pseudonym, especially when so many know me by by real name...
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My father who managed to stop my mum calling me Tarquin instead settled on Roland. My mother used to call me by the shortened name of Roly. Still scarred by her shouting up the stairs to me "Roly have you tidied your room yet"

Having now had 2 girls who took great pleasure in watching cbeebies TV channel in their Preschool years, I managed to vet and get the pleasure of watching many programmes including one called "The RolyMo Show The Roly Mo Show - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" which featured a storytelling and singing purple and green coloured mole that rolled around the set.

Hence the avatar name Rolymo.

The avatar GFX was drawn by someone in America who is on the IT scene and makes a living drawing cartoon monsters on request. He also will take a photo of you and create a similar cartoon version. I sent him a photo and I got the avatar back a few days later.

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Not fair...harumph...I don't know can I?
No, only admin have can do a username change upon request. pm Paulo and he'll sort it out for you or I can ask him if you would like?