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Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

I'm out too. I decided looking after my tank properly is more important than entering a comp. So the glosso carpet has been replanted, and even I can't bring myself to enter a tank with a completely ungrown foreground. But I WILL take a picture once the carpet is grown in, ready for next time.

Sorry, and good luck everyone!

Paul "All-mouth-no-trousers" in Kendal.
saintly said:
but only the entrants would see the FTS no? still, the majority of people wouldn't see them, and for me, that's the whole point.

The hobby wont expand if some of the worlds best wont show their scapes to help inspire, due to 'rules'

so as it was mentioned earlier in the thread, as people who don't enter are being selfish, I think it's the other way around without the scaper even realising

I think the whole competition thing brings a different edge to the hobby some of it is good. eg. it drives the hobby forward, it can bring new innovative ideas, and at the end of the day it brings forth some amazing aquascapes. But its also bad as well IMO, like you say you dont see journals from some of the better aquascapers it brings a level of secrecy to the hobby which I personally dont like but at the same time I do like taking part in competitions so I go along with it. My reasoning would be that you give your fellow competitors the edge if you think you may have something slightly new in an aquascape so that wouldnt really make sense to me to put your work up before a competition. Year after year you see people copying each other and some of them (the copies) make it into the top 10 in ADA the next year so no point in handing your advantage away so to speak before you even enter. Also ADA dont like it that you publish your work beforehand, so personally I dont for those reasons, I dont think Im being selfish in any way by doing that though either. But I do see your reasons and they are valid.

saintly said:
from what i've seen of tanks,
Samc should do ok,
zig is a favourite....even though we don't know what's being submitted
Tonser's one to watch.
there are others that should enter but probably wont or don't think there good enough but really are.
stus gumi should place high.

A stab in the dark I'm afraid.

haha Saintly piles on the pressure, no chance Im the favorite, some professional aquascapers on this board dont you know (as I pass the pressure baton along :arrow: ;) ) Graeme and Andy mac are the ones to watch IMO. Im just doing my own thing, if it works out, grand, but sure if it doesnt there's always next year. But thats the other thing about working on your own and not putting stuff up on the board ,its very hard to judge your own work so a major disadvantage there, so could be top 1000th place for me this year and thats if im lucky!!
zig said:
Graeme and Andy mac are the ones to watch IMO.
Agreed. I've seem Graeme's entry. I needed surgery afterwards to re-attach my jaw after it hit the floor. It was one of my favourite 'scapes a couple of months after installation; I made that public knowledge at the demo I gave at TGM. But now, 12 months or so later, it's entered into a new dimension of aquascape.

I haven't seen Andy Mack's lately, but judging by the latest public pics, it's going to be very close.

Then again, the ADA is well-known for some controversial rankings. Look at Graeme's last year. That was a Top 200 IMO.
I couldnt enter as i have had a stupid algaue breakout due to flow in my tank going to pot after soaking my intakes due to adding some red shrimps wich i didnt want going up my intakes. Thus resulted in a decrease in filtration by accident due to me no checking just after installing the socks on the intakes. Resulted in an increase in nitrates and proberly amonia. I know have bba green spot and a cotton light algaue on my mosses. Ill kick it back into shape hopefully. Also had to ditch my stems so i have no backround to my scape. : (
I would be made up to get top 200 this year. Last year was rubbish and sadly, I think it was the final capture of the tank that let me down. 12 months on means 12 months of experiance, yet I've got from a 30cm cube last year to a 5" cube this year. A differant ball game regarding both photography and scaping.

It would be great to rank well, but only because I don't think that much of my skills, but dudes with big names, if they do, then it gives you a little ego massage, and we all love massages :0)

I am pleased with my entry though and that's all that really matters.

George Farmer said:
Graeme Edwards said:
I am pleased with my entry though and that's all that really matters.
Wise words mate.

I totaly agree with this ethos, IMO If we design our aquascapes to please the judge's eye rather than our own, then we have lost the reason we started scaping in the first place.

I,ve entered mine now BTW.

Good luck to eveyone :D .

James Marshall said:
IMO If we design our aquascapes to please the judge's eye rather than our own, then we have lost the reason we started scaping in the first place.

cant agree more. I'm stepping away from the NA style I think. it's been great to learn a few things from the real master Amano, but I'm going to start designing tanks, the way I want to do it.
I have done mine with my kids help, they gave some advice as to what plants we could put on it, and it worked well. The whole family likes the small tank, it is not on the sitting room as a display, and it is working well with the shrimp.

Some of the plants are breaking out of the water level, which adds another dimension to the tank.

I would aim not to be last, and to show the kids the picture on the ADA book when it comes out. :D ..

The 6 year old and the 2 year old are getting very interested on the plants, and how to keep them, we are all learning as we go along, together.

Must take the 6 years old to TGM, so that she can see how cool planted tanks can actually be.
Entered mine last night, ID:02012, so I dont know if that equates to the amount of entries or not, its a high number anyway.

I would imagine the entry deadline is an International clock deadline, cant see how they could work it otherwise without specifically stating it in the rules. Japan is seven hours ahead at the moment but some parts of America are 10 hours behind so I imagine its the last place on earth to strike 12 oc midnight on the 31st May, that would be the deadline, so loads of time left going by that analysis :lol: dont take my word for it though :D oh so much to clarify in this competition.
flygja said:
Hmm.. how about setting up a private forum where the only members who are allowed access are those who have submitted their entries? Email confirmation from IAPLC would be the proof. This way the full tank shots won't be freely available.
Few of the Portuguese guys do something similar, I am privileged to have access to that forum ;)
Just for the hell of it and increase UK numbers I have submitted an old photo from my Rio to the competition, see if it gets approved, I might even come last! lol

Nah you won't come last, there's always someone who submits a tank with algae and a buddah statue.
I thought to hell with it, so i've entered my Pico from last year :lol: