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Which floating plant has very long roots?

aaronnorth said:
Which floating plant has very long roots, like 10cm or so? Is it Amazon Frogbit?
The amazon frogbit I had provided long roots, only problem with it was the rotting of old leaves. Had to chop it each week.

I got some of that Salvinia natans which has smaller leaves than Amazon Frogbit but is behaving itself with regards to the leaves. It produces runners really really quickly an the roots are a long as AF but thye're more delicate in size. Much better IMO.
Amazon Frogbit and Ludwigia helminthorhiza both have very long roots that will grow down to the substrate. IME they both need some air exchange above the water's surface and to ensure that no condensation drips from the condensation tray if you have one either or they tend to rot.
I got some amazon frogbit off Oatfish a while back which is starting to take off now,I'd say the roots were about 10cm just now and I think they add a real natural touch.My gouramis love hanging out in them,and I dare say,if they got too long,they'd be very easy to just lift out and chop them.
Once they settled in,I had no problem with browning/rotting leaves,although I think at the start you could be forgiven for wanting to bin them,I don't think they travel well,unless they were boxed instead of bagged,as the leaves do bruise easily,but give it a bit of time to settle and they're great.