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Where do you have yours?

good for water changes :lol:

I had a few nano tanks in my dorm when I was at college but we werent allowed any fish or inverts (plants only) and idiots kept pouring drinks or ferts into the tank when I wasnt looking so most of them were just a mess of algae. I did however have a sneaky one in my cupboard for a while! Liberated a baby pike from an idiot sport fisheries student who had tried to keep 2 in a tiny filterless goldfish tank in his room, one jumped out and I had the rest, he lived in there pretty happily for a few months until I tried to take it home to a larger tank/pond and unfortunately died in transit.
My tanks are in my bedroom at home, cant have them anywhere else in the house as the rest of my familly would kill me. I think the most i had in here at one point was 9 tanks: 160L, 60L, 30L and a few others mostly nano/breeding tanks. I was always having to re-arrange my room to fit them in! I even got rid of my bed and slept on the floor for 18 months so I could fit my 100cm marine/octopus tank in here. However Since those younger days though I have always had a maximum of 2 aquariums in here as I have a nice double bed and wardrobe now! Although that said, since I got the larger bed and wardrobe I somehow managed to fit my largest aquarium yet in here and still have more floor space than iv ever had before! Anways a few pictures of how it is currently configured!


Nano at the top of the stairs leading into my room, currently in the process of re-building the cabinet so I can stick all the equipment out of sight but currently days off and free time are few inbetween work and fishing. The door leads into my bathroom which is actually treated more as a store room for equipment, substrate, buckets and barrels.




Amazon biotope aquarium at the end of my bed, got a bit of work in progress with this tank at the moment raising the shelves, adding more light and turning it into a paladarium, also adding some extra legs to the stand and a front to cover the sump now I have decided to stick a trickle filter in and and that I am not going to scape it or keep anything in it.

P.s. My room isnt always THAT messy, sometimes its worse!
Mowze said:
I even got rid of my bed and slept on the floor for 18 months so I could fit my 100cm marine/octopus tank in here.

Wow! That's pretty full on :clap: :)
I love the light on the first, where is it from if you don't mind?
Thanks, it's very impressive. Do you find it hard to keep up on the co2? halides always read as trouble for me but a lot of people are having really great results.
Well in the beginning it was hard to dial in Co2, but eventually I got the hang of it and now it runs free of algae ;)
Looks great Sam. I'm considering whether I'd get away with anything at work. Maybe! I see the little terrier hiding away under your desk! What was his name again? Very cute :) Is he less timid then when I met him at TGM last year?
chilled84 said:
:wideyed: Have not seen this tank since it was started, wow, very nice tel! well done mate. :thumbup:
bumcrumb said:
hey tel, love the rock placement! lovely! ;)
Thanks for the kind comments guys, much appreciated, the tank is however a long way from being good, (personally that is)
:thumbup: cheers, tel