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When fish die


15 Nov 2015
It also gives the local people and their governments a reason to conserve the habitats. Habitat loss is generally considered to be the biggest problem for wildlife in the short term. Climate change may be worse in the long term, depending what we do about it.

Completely agree but in the case of hawaii it's very different to other fisheries. Australia has very strict controls on fish collection and it's seen as a model fishery, hawaii is the same but has politics playing a major influence. Perhaps it's because I've followed it for so long that it bothers me so much because it's pure politics not science governing what is going on.
This isn't a situation where there is a need to protect the environment because otherwise the rock will be used for buildings, the reefs will be dynamited for fishing or just completely stripped, this is a place that already has very strict controls on the area with no catch areas and protected areas. The negligible (according to the scientific reports) removal of fish for the aquarium trade makes no difference at all its just been jumped on politically and the industry is to small to be able to fight back. I'm not against anyone stopping the removal of fish from their waters but to make false claims like have been made but still allow far more damaging industries is wrong.

Like I said yesterday I haven't seen the listed documentary but going by the trailer that shows dying fish that aren't even found in hawaiian waters, so clearly added to stir the emotions, it clear the message they are trying to send out. If anyone is more interested in a scientific balance then you can search out articles by Ret Talbot from the last decade.