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Whats everyone's new year resolution???

Finally put the skirting boards up, one of the many obsticles that needs traversing for my planned 250+ liter planted tank to come to fruition. Oh and likewise want to get to 25 posts. Perhaps I should have added that in a seperate post.
To stop smoking so I can buy more fish tanks or win the lotto.......I'm easy.
Also to stop using controversial names on forums ><
Mine were to -

1. Spend more quality time with my wife and kids, and less on aquatics
2. Stop smoking
3. Drink less alcohol
4. Eat more healthily
5. Get to the gym more often

So far so good. I've lost 1.5 stone since Christmas and my wonderful wife has stopped nagging me! :)
Re: Whats every one's new year resolution???

Hi George

I would tell the misses she wants bit to much there if she gave me that lot been hard giving up smoking let alone the drink and as for spending less on aquatics never about the only thing i already do is eat healthy
Well best of luck with quiting smoking mate i'm now on my 8th week and getting there now!!