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What small fish will eat snails

mi casa

15 Apr 2012
HI all hope all is will in ukaps land? Just a quick one what small fish will eat snails. I have 200l well planted tank with 200+ cherry shrimp and want some small snail eating fish. was thinking Dwaf Puffers?????
Aye. I'm struggling to think of anything that'll eat snails but leave your shrimp alone. Could try assassin snails as an alternative?
Puffer will go for your shrimps, even if there are snails left...
I had a problem with snails as well, a proper infestation of blue ramshorn and with a bit of work removing all the snails I could see by hand (or better crushing them for my shrimps to eat) and a couple of assassin snails it cleared in a few months...
cool than you guy i'll go and get some assassin snails :)
I keep shrimps with pygmy puffers with absolutely no problems at all, they've never gone for the shrimps even after wiping out my snail population
FYI assassin snails can also kill shrimp. So when the carnage is over it's best to remove them.
I have read that in a few places, never witnessed it though, and considering that my assassins are breeding and my shrimp population is still growing madly I think it's not that big a problem...but keep an eye out perhaps...
How about zebra loach? I know loach will generally eat shrimp too but my zebras don't seem to bother with the rcs that hitch-hiked into my big tank on some spare moss.