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Water Change Problem


13 Oct 2013
I am about to start my first planted aquarium in a 100 litre tank. I have experience in maintaining tropical aquaria but I focussed on the fish rather than plants.
I have selected some point next week to start up the aquarium, but I recently had a thought; how do I get the water into the aquarium?
Previously I filled up a 10 or 20 litre bucket and just poured it in, which whooshed up everything inside the aquarium and caused chaos, but everything settled down in the end and it was fine.
Now that I am doing a planted aquarium, there is fertilizer that needs to stay as a bottom layer, and I have been recommended to fill the aquarium up to a few centimeters for easy planting, and then afterwards to fill it up completely.

The problem is, how do I get 100 litres of water in the aquarium without having to pour huge volumes of water in with a bucket? (Besides getting a small cup and painstakingly getting the water into the aquarium, which would take hours.)

Many thanks for any help.