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Wabi kusa lighting

8 Apr 2018
Bristol, UK
Can anyone suggest an appropriate light bulb for a small/medium Wabi Kusa? It's about 20cm in diameter.

I was thinking more like a generic light bulb rather than an aquarium/wabi kusa specific one. Could something like a 13w fluorescent work?

You might want to check this out: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/lighting-for-wabi-kusa.56971/

Here is what I am currently using as I have not yet received the whole set with dimmer but honestly it's working fine so far so I am not even sure I will change the setup.

IMG_0647.jpg IMG_0645 2.jpg
Yes the Janso from Ikea are good. I have 2 for my wabi's. It only costs a tenner + about £4 del if you can't go to the store.