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UKAPS Meet @ Aquarium Gardens April 28th

Geoffrey Rea

Global Moderator
27 May 2017
Hello folks 👋🏼


The day will start at 10am and looking forward to seeing you there!!


Unit 20A, Upland Industrial Estate, Mere Way, Wyton, Huntingdon, PE28 2JZ
Happy to announce that on the day there will be a talk from the wonderful Tai Strietman.


Many of you will know already know Tai as Biotopia on Instagram and YouTube.

Tai has travelled extensively to explore aquatic habitats and in his own words is “dedicated to the sharing of biotope aquaria and freshwater habitats from across the world.

I aim to promote the idea of natural-style and biotope aquaria for fish-keepers, and to educate people on the many amazing species of fish and plants which can be used to create stunning, natural-looking aquaria.

I also intend to highlight wild habitats to inspire and educate, while celebrating the richness and diversity of freshwater life on our planet.”

For those unfamiliar with Tai’s content on his travels, here is a taster of the habitats he visits and studies:

Hello folks 👋🏼

If you are intending to join us at Aquarium Gardens on Sunday 28th April, please can you vote ‘yes’ on the poll in this thread here.

It allows us to get realistic numbers for catering on the day.

Many thanks 🙏🏽
Hi everyone,

Looking forward to seeing some of the UKAPS gang here at AG on 28th. Hope to see many of you here.

Give us a thumbs up 👍 on this thread if you’re planning on coming.

Drinks and sandwiches provided 🥤 🥪 so just bring yourself and your best hardscaping skills if you fancy entering the hardscape challenge for a chance to win some prizes 😀

Exciting news!…

Tai Strietmans talk will now be a Biotope workshop 🎉😁

Tai will be setting up a 60cm Biotope aquarium based on habitats he was exploring in Brazil.

It will be a really unique workshop hearing stories from Brazil, and talking us through how Tai uses his insights into natural habits when setting up a Biotope. Combining Aquascaping techniques and high end equipment to elevate a Biotope into something any Aquascaper would love to try.

The day just got even better 👍😁
Hey Richard,

The day will start at 10am and we expect to run through till 3pm. Tai’s workshop will start around 11am and should last approximately 90 minutes 👌