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Turns out plants don't do well at high temps. Tank wipeout.


30 Oct 2007
A warning, be careful with your hydor heaters, I must have knocked mine while doing a water change and I've melted every single plant in my tank and may well have lost the 5 oto's I had in there.
The heater said it was in the 32degrees region when I put a thermometer in it read half way between 42 and 43c. Nice and toasty I'm sure you agree. Putting my hand in and wafting about to get the ottos from out of the plants thinking they were dead every single stem had turned to a mush and my wafting in turn turned them to dust. So, £70 odd quid down the drain and no better for it. Really can not believe it.
I'm pretty sure I can't afford to buy more plants and I'm not even sure I want to carry on, gutted isn't the word. :(
oh mate, that is hard.

I think you should carry on. I will send you the crypts (crypt wendtii 'green') I have up for swap in the for sale section for free if you want?

I am sure others will chip in as well.....
Hi Garuf

Sorry to hear this - I've had a close call with my Hydor when I caught the dial accidently - luckily I caught mine in time. I have found that the temp you select on the dial is not that accurate though.

Take a few days to come to terms with it, and I'm sure you'll come back to it with renewed enthusiasm. I havent got much to offer in the way of plants yet, but do have lots of vallis if you want some - just pm me your address.

Chin up :)

hard luck mate, just have to keep you chin up and try again, happens to all of us eventually, I know I have gassed my fish a few times and had to strip down the tank due to that :bored:

I am sure you will come back stronger ;) few donations and you will be up again in no time. Can always buy one of those temp meters that start beeping at a given temperature ;)
LondonDragon said:
Can always buy one of those temp meters that start beeping at a given temperature ;)

good idea. or if you want to go low tech a bit of sticky tape over the dial on the Hydor ;)
Sorry to hear that. It's not the first time I've heard it happen and I'm sure it won't be the last.

As a tip with the Hydor heaters once the temp is set and stable using a tank thermometer I use some electrical tape and place it across the dial to prevent it from turning.

Terrible news to hear, as said above though keep your chin up.
Post what you're looking for plant wise though and I'm sure we'll all help where we can even if it is just a few cuttings here and there surely we can get you enough.

I've had similar mishaps in the past, very disheartening but not the end of the world.

If there's anything I can take cuttings/runners of for you from my tank then let me know.
Hi Garuf,
thats tough mate,i could send you some java fern if you want,regards john.
oh i will have some rotal rotundifolia cuttings in about two/three weeks just trimmed :rolleyes:
Thank you kindly everyone, I'm genuinely touched. I'll send out Pm's tomorrow I'm not fancying dwelling on the matter tonight. Again thank you everyone, it's still not really sank in that so little can do so much damage. :(
Lost the oto's this morning. :(
I've posted up a thread in swap n shop if anyone can help me out. I'll send out pm's later today.
Thank you again for all your support. Thank you everyone.