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Transferring plants from an Ich tank?


28 Dec 2008

I am planning my new tank and would like to ask how to sterilize plants being moved from my other tank that had a recent ich outbreak (thanks to some new cardinals).

I treated with eSha and then with Waterlife ich remedy. I intend to keep shrimps in the new tank so would it be safe to transfer the plants after sterilizing or do you think I should cut my losses and start from new?

Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. Thank you.

It depends on how many plants you want to keep. If it's only a few I'd go with getting fresh, but if that's going to be expensive than you can try sterilizing them with a weak bleach solution. Remember though that the whitespot parasite needs a fish host to survive, so if you move the plants and then keep the tank empty of fishy life for a couple of months they'll be clean. Similarly, if you're whitespot free in the tank at the moment then give it a couple of months after treatment and you could move them with confidence.

Hope that helps.
Good point! Thank you.

I have now decided to go with all new plants - well it won't be that many in a 30 litre nano, but there were some lovely ferns in the old tank.