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trace only?


27 Apr 2010
my tank is low light no pressurised co2 and il be using neutro co2 liquid carbon from aqua essentials. im also planning on using 1 of their 2 neutro brand liquid ferts . these are neutro t which is marketed for tanks using neutro co2 but not pressurised , and neutro + for tanks running co2 . now this is the bit im struggling with . neutro t is trace only and neutro + is trace and macro . surely just because im not going to be injecting co2 the plants still need macros as well as trace , its just the demand that will be lower than a co2 injected tank? it just bothers me that if if i use the 1 that is trace only that my plants wont get everything the need
i had wondered about the ei starter kit from APF wasnt sure if it would be suitable though .
well the ei starter kit is a little cheaper than the large neutro+ which i worked out should last around 70 to 80 days on my tank . guessing the ei kit would last a fair bit longer
its a roma 240 il be planting . the APF website states that using the starter kit each 500ml bottle you make costs approx £1.12 , so around 8x cheaper than off the shelf stuff . seems a bit of a no brainer really
im thinking a nice echinodorus mother plant to instantly cover the unsightly fluval u4 im using as extra flow would fit the bill just nice :thumbup: