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Tom's Poco Pozo

Hi all,
Tom I've just posted the link on the <"BCA forum">, so you will probably get a string of begging PM's from rabid Apistogramma fans this evening. Mark Breeze would be your best bet. He might swap?

cheers Darrel

Heh yeah, they got a good response on the BCA Facebook page. I've PM'ed Mark a couple of times about guttata but he never replies.
Well, some good and bad news on the fish front. Bad news is, all my Biotodoma died. They looked like they were doing OK, then the two skinniest ones suddenly went downhill very fast and I lost both within a couple of days. I decided that the supplier probably hadn't wormed them properly and put the whole tank on a course of fenbendazole-soaked food for a few days. Promptly lost the other three. Everything else appears fine, but I'm not terribly happy about the whole thing and hope nothing gets passed to the other fish.

As for good news, acquired four awesome little Rio Atabapo whiptails, and 18 miniscule Nannostomus anduzei.



The anduzei have vanished into the plants, probably forever, but at least I know they're in there and if they ever do show themselves I'll try and get a photo!
Any news on this BigTom?

Sorry for the lack of updates here folks. Real life has been a bit busy and the tanks have been largely neglected. The palm grass totally overgrew everything such that nothing else was getting any light at all, so it's become a bit of a monoculture. I have exacted my revenge today by removing the entire plant (which was bigger than I am!) and transplanting it to the pond. I'm going to attempt a full rescape later this week, so expect some proper updates in a few days.
I really should have done a before shot! Best I can do is this ( from 3 months ago, the palm grass had nigh on doubled in size again since then) -

And after much faffing over the last 2 days -

It still needs to clear and I need a lot more plants to replace the ones that didn't grow so well in the dark but I'm pretty chuffed to be able to see beyond 12" deep!