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Tidy Cupboards

26 Oct 2008

Since the posting of the attached thread:

there has been a considerable amount of new members to the forum and there were some cupboards that required a tidy up - so I thought it would be worth a revisit - here is mine.



Not as tidy as I want it, my maidenhead aquatics towel my girlfriend forced me into buying is too long to hang on the door :geek:. I wanted a magnetic strip for the tools too but I couldnt find one short and strong enough and also realised that my tweezers arent magnetic :(
Cupboards aren't meant to be tidy; that's why there's a door on the front......
small cupboards are easy ive got over 10 things plugged in with 3 timers running multiple bits of kit and a 10kg co2 bottle + a 4 foot sump tank oh and a bloody great big pump not to mention the 3 1.5" water pipes. glad iv got doors although it gets a bit better every weekend. shortened all the wires last weekend. when its tidy ill post a pic
FishBeast said:
How many people spent 10 mins tidying up their cupboards before taking those pictures?

It's an illusion that mine is 'tidy'- its so rammed that its like pieces in a puzzle so nothing can move :lol:
heh :) my is not tidy because it does not have to be :) its only me who looks into the cabinet so I know what is what :)
apart from that space is limitation as i need to fit 2kg fe 2 fluvals 405 and 80 liter water container for mixing tap and ro.

so maybe one day :)