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Taking aquarium across EU borders


17 Nov 2011
I'd welcome any advice from forum members.

In a week I'm moving from UK to Slovakia (another EU country), driving there in two days via France, Germany and Austria. I want to take my planted 55l cube aquarium with shrimps and ottos. First question: are there any border controls on moving my aquarium from one country to another?

I would securely fasten the aquarium to the back seat of the car, reducing the water to one-third and securing its glass lid with tape. Second question: is there a better way to transport the aquarium in a car, that minimises the risk of damage to the aquarium or stress to the shrimp/ottos?

Thanks for reading and any help, a google search produced nothing useful.
You're allowed to travel over borders within the EU to buy fish as 'pets' without restriction (for the most-part), so I imagine you must be able to move what you already have within the same.
To move the aquarium I would remove all the inhabitants and bag them up in Kordon breathable bags (if you can find them) and then keep all the bags in a cool box or polystyrene fish box. Drain all the water out the tank and cover with clingfilm and spray tank water every now and then with a mister to keep all the plants wet.

As for filter media I would use a clamp down tupperware container with a hole drilled in the lid for an airline and then buy one of those battery operated airstones to push air through the media.

I wouldn't recommend moving the aquarium with water in as it can break the glass and also move around all the substrate/decor into a soup.

Sounds like an adventure though!
If you're moving shrimp then keep them separate to the Otto's and also add either moss or filter floss to give then something to hang on to.