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Struggling to grow anything that doesn't end up having algae issues

With regards to your ferts I haven't used any of the ones you have so can't help I'm afraid 👍
Water changes wise I'd prob be aiming for 50% minimum but I tend to do more like 80% and a couple on the bounce if I notice something wrong etc.
Something like hornwort floating would reduce light at the substrate and give you some fast growing stems to help.
I'd probably go around 40 - 50% on your light but I only used a twinstar for a while.
I was just thinking with this plant if it will be eaten as I know cold water fish love this plant to nibble on so didn’t know about tropical fish
Yes, Goldfish nibble on it, but most tropicals won't. Not sure about your Torpedo Barb, some barbs will have a nibble, but it grows fast and as you say it's cheap enough. :)
I have a 900 and my summary to start with would as follows.

2 x 80% water changes back to back to get all the detritus out of the tank, possibly a third if you don't get it all.

Co2 on at 11.00 you want a full 1point ph drop in the ph profile before Lights on, search ph profile to understand more about this

Lights on at 15.00 at 50% (ditch the ramp up/down)

Co2 off at 20.30

Lights off at 21.00

Full fert dosing, don't miss any

Carry on twice weekly water changes about 75%

Leave this running and do not be tempted to change anything for 3 weeks. Study growth and don't miss any water changes.
@papa_c & @SRP3006
Thankyou for getting back to me with the good advice much apricated.
I have now set the light to 50% max light for the aquarium also the co2
fish tank times of light coming on is
5pm- 50%

Shall be doing daily ferts
co2 coming on at 11am off at 8.30pm

Will start all work on the tank on Saturday as that's my next day off from work and shall carry out all the water changes from then onwards.
Important part of co2 is making sure you have enough going in.

Measure water ph before the co2 switches on, and measure again at lights on....you are looking for a 1 point drop in the 2 figures.
I have a PH Tester but I'm not sure that I know how to use it correctly as have neva checked PH in any of my aquarium's before
It was brought on ebay comes with all its attachments' ect.

But I do have tetra 6-in-1 testing strips that include Ph
which I use more


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Just Done a ph test on the eletric ph tester it says 6.80 dipped in water for 30 seconds
and on the ph testing strips its says 7.6 dipped in water for a second
To do the ph profile take a glass of tank water out and leave it on the side for 24hr. After 24hrs measure the ph of the water in the glass. This will be your baseline degassed water.

At lights on measure the ph of the water, you should aim for a minimum of 1.0 point drop. Eg if the ph of the glass water is 7.8 you want the tank water at lights on to be 6.8 or lower. If higher than 6.8 you need to increase co2 rate.

Periodically measure the ph through the light period you ideally need this stable. Small swings are not a problem.

Make sure you follow the ph instructions and calibrate it with the powders before use. To use place in the tip in the water and wait till the reading stabilises...normally about 10 seconds

I would ditch the test strips.
Hi All,
Just Thought I would update you all on what's going on with my aquarium.
I have purchased some new plants which are..
2x Didiplis diandra
2x Limnophila Aromatica
3x pots of Eleocharis mini
1x Bacopa Compact
1xLilaeopsis Brasliensis
1x Cryptocoryne x Willisii

Today Has been an extremely busy day started doing the tank around 11am and have now just finished (8.45pm).
I done a 80% water change x2
i also trimmed back all the plants that had shown signs of algae trimming completely back and re planting the good stems.
Also done a sithen clean of all the Debary at the bottom of the tank removed all the Eleocharis mini and replaced with new.
Took my dragon stone out gave them all a good scrub to get rid of any algae.
cleaned the hole bog wood removing any algae
cleaned out my external filter

Sadly throughout the progress I have lost 5 cardinal tetra and 1x torpedo barb
all other fish in the tank are doing really well.

will be adding fertz in every day of two pumps to help the plants also co2 will come on at 11.00am-20.30pm

I wont be adding any fish for a wile now as I'm a-wear that I still need to do once every other day water changes.

tank is now looking on-point and how I wanted it to look in the first place. :D

Thankyou to everyone for your help and advice :)
Would suggest to take a reference picture and share so the members can offer guidance, it also enables you to compare the weekly growth.
This was taken at 8.45pm once I Finished doing the tank. Not the best of photos as I quickly took them
Co2 was not on wile doing the big maintenance on the fish tank.


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Hi @castle
Thanks for asking for a follow up regarding my previous messages.
I have added some photo's below of the progress.
Plants are settling in well.
Have been doing once every other day water changes also now moved on to water changes twice a week of 50%
Adding fret's every morning before co2 turns on
fish doing well.
only thing I have noticed the plants arnt growing as quick as before but alge is kept at bay which is good plants are producing bubbles
Photos taken on the 19th June


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More photos taken this morning wile I did some re-work on some plants 🌱 looking good don’t you think 🤔 🙂


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