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Show Your Pets



Hey. I wanted to post pictures of "Lucky" the kitten. I found him yesterday at 6 o'clock while walking my dog, covered in his own piss, mud and soaked to the bones by the rain, on a side of a main road....trembling like a leaf. It was actually raining hail stones when I found him and freezing.... I wouldn't have seen him in the dark, only for my dog pulling the leash like a donkey 🙂

I took him home immediately....He destroyed my jacket but I didn't care 🙂 I gave him a warm shower and dried him with a hair dryer...He did not protest one bit the poor thing. He started purring loudly while still having a bath..... And then what I saw was the ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan..a really beautiful kitten....It was love from first sight for two of us...He was hugging me afterwards like a human, craved attention and followed me like a puppy.

Unfortunately, with a broken heart knowing I could not keep him, I started calling numbers to try to find him a home...Otherwise he had to stay locked in forever in a room with my fish tank 🙂 My dog was in the other room howling like a wolf...I missed work because of him but I didn't care....

He was obviously a very tame kitten and someone must have had him before but its beyond me how he ended up on the main road in the middle of the city, full of apartment buildings...Sounds like someone dumped him and he must have spent at least all night in the freezing cold..

I called local animal welfare and they told me they couldn't take him in because they've got no room and they have 120 cats already! but could advertise him on their website....which they did immediately...I also advertised him myself locally.....And then I started waiting all day for someone to take notice of a beautiful kitten in need....We cuddled together watching my fish tank...He would not let go off me...followed me everywhere...Its like he was really grateful for being found...

In the afternoon I finally got a text message from a lovely couple. They said they fell in love with him instantly when they saw him, same as I did. They took him home to live in a nice house with two other cats. They seemed really nice people and quite the cat lovers as I hoped....

So here he is....I am no left with just pictures and videos him which I can't stop looking at....All of a sudden my dog seemed like an annoying mini monster and my fish boring to look at in comparison.. I shed a couple of tears too....

Picture heavy 🙂 He looks bigger than he is. He's probably only 2-3 months old max but very furry, with a beautiful big tail, white paws, white around the neck and white nose 😳





Wow he is a beauty, shame you could not keep him but very well done for the rescue 🙂

Thanks foxfish. I still can't get over it...Hopefully its for the better...He did get very scared for a moment when I passed him on from my hands to theirs...It was heart breaking...to me at least....But the new owners texted me and said he's settling in very well...🙂
Good way of getting the fish to stay still for a picture have the cat in front🙂
It's his favorite spot he often sits there just watching the fish, they are already very used to him beeing there. They also come up to see whats up when he's drinking from the tank. The fish hide more often for me, because i always have to take their cat away to get to them. :lol:
Here's Oscar the Amelanistic (he's part albino and has no "Black" colouring) Corn snake, Purchased by my son, within a week (of being purchased) he escaped his Vivarium and vanished, so 2 weeks later my son brought himself another. Two months later goes in to the kitchen and finds this snake sitting on the floor, grabs it and goes to put it back, but find there's already a snake in there!! This had been hiding and living wild in the house. So I had him, only about 6-8" long a big worm really, but he did grow to about a metre over the 2 years we had him. Then he went back to my son.