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Show & Tell Maintenance Equipment


6 Jan 2020
Just wanted to start a thread where everyone can share their maintenance setup and favourite tools that they use during their weekly / bi-weekly / monthly aquarium maintenance sessions.

(The real reason for this thread is for me to look at what else I can buy to make water changes, trimming and cleaning hardscape easier)
I think this is a great idea for a thread. I only have a 60 litre tank but even then, doing a weekly large water change can still feel like a chore. So watching with interest to see what time saving and efficient processes others use.
I like Autoaqua AWC Duo for my tank automatic water change.
Both hand free and get rid of flooded as carrying bulks of water during water change.
My latest is using an Eheim miniUP as a weekly water polisher to remove fine debris from my 40L. I replaced the supplied coarse sponges in the filter with densly packed fibre poly pads, then I mount the filter upside down (so the intake is on top) at the bottom of the tank, turn it on and then go blasting hardscape/plants/substrate with a turkey baster to get all the fine particulates suspended in the water column. After a several iterations of suspending particles and letting the filter clear what it can, the pads have captured a lot of really fine debris. Here's a short video of the setup capturing before and after. This is an effort to remove particulate organics that could otherwise rot and contribute to a black beard algae problem.