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saintly's Pastel Shades

saintly said:
superglue and anubias is the future! thanks supercoloey!

I still don't get how you superglue Anubias to wood...

So, you want to superglue the Anubias flat onto a piece of bogwood, right? Do you just dab a bit inbetween the roots and then slap it on?

Oh, and this looks like another promising scape from what I can see! It's great that your mum loves to look after a tank, that's more than I can say for mine! :lol:
samc said:
looks good AGAIN :lol: on the pic it looks really green too. is this a bit of a trial for your next big tank at MA

thanks sam,it's not really a trial run for the MA scape. i kinda know what to happen with that one. it's just a chance to try one or 2 crypts out, see how plants mix together, practice trimming stems in the back....trial and error stuff.

Thomas McMillan said:
I still don't get how you superglue Anubias to wood...

i wasn't sure, i just trimmed the roots down, put glue on stone and stuck it. Job done :D so much easier.