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Planted Wedding Centre Pieces?


25 Jun 2009
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Hey gang :wave:

For my future wedding (hopefully this year) I was thinking of some kind of planted centre piece and have been given the green light by my better half.

I was thinking some kind of wabi kusa, possibly in the style of Schruz although I think this may be a challenge creating this many fully emersed setups. Its a shame you can't just buy wabi balls in like you can in Japan :(

The other option is to go down the air plant route like these lovely mini terrariums;
I could give making them from scratch a go but I've no idea how to fix an air plant to wood? Any of you guys had any experience with them?

Any ideas welcome from you green fellows :thumbup:
Air Plants make great centre pieces, I made some up for my desk at work and decorated them with little figurines.
You can use alot of versatile anchoring materials compared to doing a Wabi. Depending on the theme of the wedding.
For fixing there are special glues you can buy for attaching them to a number of surfaces.
For some Inspiration Dobbies Garden Centre Have some very interesting Air Scapes. Using Alot of the Mosses and Multitude of plants. They look great scaped up on Bogwood and Crystal/rocks.