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Plant ID quiz


19 Feb 2008
worksop, nottinghamshire
For a bit of fun i will start of by giving a small shot of a plant (it has to be aquatic - or at least survive in aquatic conditions) then you have to guess what it is, whoever gets it right gets to go next :D Make it as easy or hard as you like and it is up to you whether you give any clues. ;) Try to provide the clearest picture you can.

so here we go

It was, but since I'd already said I'm not going to allow it you. :p
Only kidding, your go.
I've got two, but both a little dodgy photos as they've been cropped right down.

Bonus points for the correct genus and species names of both! :lol:


Marsilea drummondii

Bottom one looks like a sword of some kind.
Echinodorus 'Oriental' maybe it's gotta be an aquaspot species?
It's the other marsellia isn't it? histurta or what ever it is.
The Marsilea is M.crenata. It's very close to M.hirsuta in appearance but slightly different, allegedly!

Anyone got any ideas on the second yet? It's 2" tall in that picture.