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Plant ID please


19 Feb 2010
Hi everyone,

I have a pea puffer tank I’m trying to plant with asian plants. Went to our local fish shop and saw a plant I’m fairly sure is from the right area.

I do know its name but can’t recall what it’s called so I’m hoping someone can help as I’m getting frustrated with myself now

The plant is like Cabomba but with finer needle thin leaves. Also seemed to have less of a gap on the stem between sets of leaves. In the LFS tank the stems were bright green with pink tips

Pretty sure the name begins with L but my old brain isn’t playing along

Can you help me out please?
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Limnophila sessiliflora possibly . A picture of said plant would be helpful.
Thanks. That’s the one I couldn’t remember. Couldn’t get a pic as I forgot my phone.

Might post a pic if I go back to get it